In Conversation with John Milne

The effect of regulation on dentists today

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John Milne takes you through regulation in dentistry today and the effect it has on the lives of practising dentists and on patient care.

What you’ll hear:
  • The future for regulation in terms of the number of regulators/inspectors
  • The impact that the CQC has had on dentistry and how it has evolved
  • How regulation affects the standard of patient care

Who should listen:
  • All dental professionals
  • Anyone working within the dental industry
About John Milne:

John MilneJohn Milne is the National Dental Adviser to the CQC and a practising dentist based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. He has been involved in the politics of dentistry for some time as both the Chair of LDC and Chair of the BDA’s General Dental Practice Committee.




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