Escape the sugar rush

How to avoid added sugar at breakfast

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Following on from my blog on ‘8 tips to avoid sugar’, this blog will take a look at no-added-sugar meal planning strategies for breakfast.

8 tips to avoid sugar

Easy to follow tips for avoiding added sugar in your diet

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Following on from my last blog ‘Eight reasons to quit sugar’, this next blog of the series has advice on how to avoid added sugar. Feel free to share your own tips and experiences!

Think before you grab a soft drink!

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The term ‘soft drink’ covers a vast array of beverages from carbonated, sports and energy drinks to fruit juices, dilutables and bottled waters. In the UK, we consume around 14 billion litres of soft drinks each year, with children and adolescents being most likely to consume more than any other age group. Here, Dentist, David Bretton, considers the effects of …

Sweet Cravings Part 2

Sugar Cravings – part two!

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I’m just over two weeks into my ‘Ultimate Dechox’ challenge and no one will be more surprised than me to hear that I haven’t actually missed chocolate once! I’ve quickly come to realise that when I was dipping into the biscuit tin or my chocolate stash, I wasn’t doing it because I was hungry – it was just a force …

What's not sweet about sugar?

Sugar – a bitter taste!

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I have a confession. I secretly spy on people in the supermarket and watch what they are putting in their shopping trolleys. I think I have shopping trolley envy. Last week, I watched a woman pile pizzas, ready meals, packets of biscuits and jars of pasta sauce into her trolley, with not a care in the world. I began to realise …

Sweet Cravings part two

Sweet Cravings! Part One

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Did you know that nearly 8 in 10 people fantasise about having a sweet treat at least once a day? I would have to admit to craving something sweet a number of times each day and usually succumbing to that urge! That’s why this March I’m taking part in the British Dental Heart Foundation’s ‘Ultimate Dechox challenge’ – cutting out …