Eight reasons to quit sugar

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These are some of the recent headlines about sugar… “Removing sugar from diet for just nine days can have ‘dramatic results’, new study claims.”  Independent “Sugar is as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco, warn health experts.” The Telegraph “Sugar is addictive, warns top doctor.” The Times Sugar seems to have replaced fat as the number one food to avoid due …

Are You Taking New Patients? by Kevin Rose

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Kevin Rose explains the importance of preparing your staff to answer the inevitable ‘Are you taking new patients?’ question and how your response to this could affect the amount of patients coming to your practice.

What Is A ‘Perfect’ Patient Journey?

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What we all have to remember about the patient journey is that it’s the patient’s journey, not ours. We have to start thinking about what the patient wants and what the patient is likely to appreciate. My research within dental practices has proven that there are two key things that practices must get right; allowing patients to trust the dentist and the …

First Impressions – More Than Just Waiting

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Here, we discuss why first impressions really do count and offer some ideas on how you can utilise your dental practice waiting room to help increase treatment uptake in your practice. Every day there’s an opportunity where you can communicate with your patients without overtly selling and putting pressure on them; but a way in which you can still showcase your treatment …

It’s Marketing Time… And This Time It’s Personal!

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Les Jones, Marketing Director at Practice Plan, takes a moment to explain why a personal touch can go a long way when it comes to marketing your practice. When a friend asks if you could possibly do them a big favour, do you find yourself preparing to say ‘yes’, even before you know what the favour is?

Transparency Equals Trust

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Les Jones, Marketing Director at Practice Plan, explains why it’s every dentist’s responsibility to make sure patients are well-informed. I recently stopped off at a well-known tyre chain to get my car tyres checked. On the face of it, the experience couldn’t have been better. It turned out that I only needed two new tyres, when I’d braced myself for three… …

The Reasons Why My Hairdresser Visited Six Dental Practices – By Ashley Latter

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Ashley Latter, one of the most sought-after speakers and coaches on the UK dental scene, shares the reasons behind why his hairdresser visited six dental practices… Yesterday, I was having my haircut and I noticed my hairdresser wore some invisible braces. She was having her teeth straightened. As I work in the dental industry, I was obviously interested to learn …

Interacting With Your Patients – The Confidence Conundrum

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Nigel Jones, Sales Director at Practice Plan, looks at the topics that arise in his visits to practices. This month he looks at the issue of confidence in respect of dentists’ interactions with patients. Even after 20 years of working with dental practitioners, I’m still surprised at how often I find myself in practice meetings wrestling with the question ‘why …