Expert advice from Ashley Latter

How to ask for referrals

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Ashley Latter explains why obtaining referrals is the easiest way of growing your patient numbers and shares his expert advice on how to discuss this with your current patients. What you’ll hear: Common reasons that prevent dentists from asking for referrals and how to overcome them The three main benefits of asking for referrals A basic script to help you …

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Chris Barrow talks about how you can increase patient referrals

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A personal recommendation is a powerful tool in bringing new patients to your door and a cost-effective way of generating additional income. Most practices know this of course, but many still struggle with how to harness the power of patient referrals and maximise this revenue stream. I, and my colleagues who are visiting dental practices, are often asked how they …

Recruitment and Retention – Short Notice Requires Swift Action!

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Former Technical Director at Practice Plan, Graham Penfold shares some ideas on how dental practices can remain on their toes to ensure that appointment books remain full and revenue streams strong. There are many things that you can implement to help achieve a full appointment book, including a clean and professional environment, friendly and helpful staff, a wide range of …