Benefits of zoning your appointment book

Lisa Bainham explains why you should zone your appointment book

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With 18 years experience as practice manager at The Old Surgery in Crewe, Lisa Bainham is well placed to share tried and tested methods to help you fully utilise your appointment book. She explains the benefits of zoning appointments and how little changes can improve working life for everyone in the practice as well as have a positive impact on …

Can you read the signs

Tips on how to make the most of your practice signage

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I’ve made a few visits to dental practices in the past few months where I’ve hit a frustrating problem even before stepping through the door. That’s because, despite the fact that I’ve dutifully followed my SatNav, when I’ve reached the point where the lovely lady says  ‘you have now arrived at your destination’, I’ve been unable to see the practice …

Why Your Practice Should Define, Measure and Improve

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For many practices, the challenge of increasing their income is one that can be a significant preoccupation. Increasing the number of new patients to address gaps in an appointment book is a logical step and usually the main focus of efforts to improve the situation.

Top Tips to Boost Your Plan Uptake

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Do you want to increase the number of patients you have on your membership plan, but are finding it difficult to let them know the reasons why they should join it? Here, Regional Support Manager Emma Sillars shares her top four tried and tested methods for boosting your plan uptake.

Are Your Patients Receiving The Treatment Journey They Expect?

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*Content updated January 2018 Dental Business Consultant, Sheila Scott, shares her eight sure-start ways to ensure your patients are receiving the treatment journey they expect.

Strawberry Cake and the Halo Effect

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From her experience of visiting hundreds of practices all over the UK, Regional Support Manager Emma Sillars discusses why first impressions really do count and how you can polish up on yours! A recent study revealed that if a cake has strawberries on the top, we estimate that it has 16% less calories than the same cake without the strawberries! …

What Is A ‘Perfect’ Patient Journey?

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What we all have to remember about the patient journey is that it’s the patient’s journey, not ours. We have to start thinking about what the patient wants and what the patient is likely to appreciate. My research within dental practices has proven that there are two key things that practices must get right; allowing patients to trust the dentist and the …