Escape the sugar rush dinner

How to avoid added sugar at dinnertime

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Following on from my blog ‘How to avoid added sugar at lunchtime’, this blog will look at no-added-sugar meal planning strategies for dinner. Many people get home from work in the evening and are too tired to cook so fall back on takeaways or convenience foods such as ready meals, which are often high in added sugar. It is possible …

Eight reasons to quit sugar

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These are some of the recent headlines about sugar… “Removing sugar from diet for just nine days can have ‘dramatic results’, new study claims.”  Independent “Sugar is as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco, warn health experts.” The Telegraph “Sugar is addictive, warns top doctor.” The Times Sugar seems to have replaced fat as the number one food to avoid due …

Probiotics for oral health

Bacterial Balance

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Probiotics are regularly in the news, most notably for their benefits on digestive health. However, probiotics for oral health are a new and emerging field of research. With more than 600 species having been shown to colonise the oral cavity, it’s an area we thought was worth looking at. We asked Nutritional Therapist Natasha Wilcock to take a look at …