Protect yourself from the threat of litigation

How you can protect yourself from the rising threat of litigation

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Tina Wixon, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan, talks to Tracey Jarrett, a practising dentist who holds a Master Dental Law and Ethics degree, about the rise of litigation and the importance of consent and having the time needed with patients… The risk of complaints and litigation against dentists is not only ever-present but also increasing. A report* last year …


Kevin Lewis: taking more control of the future could lessen anxiety among profession

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Nigel Jones interviews Kevin Lewis about the reasons for dentists’ anxiety around complaints and litigation, and whether there is cause for optimism that this may change… Anxiety about complaints and litigation is rife among the dental profession, according to the recent Confidence Monitor survey of more than 400 dentists. Whilst many may well have predicted these results, they do provide …