Kevin Lewis: taking more control of the future could lessen anxiety among profession

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Nigel Jones interviews Kevin Lewis about the reasons for dentists’ anxiety around complaints and litigation, and whether there is cause for optimism that this may change… Anxiety about complaints and litigation is rife among the dental profession, according to the recent Confidence Monitor survey of more than 400 dentists. Whilst many may well have predicted these results, they do provide …

Practice Plan BDIA 2015 Business Theatre

The Business Skills Theatre

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Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator, introduces us to The Business Skills Theatre at this year’s BDIA Dental Showcase.

Rubik's NHS Part 3

Rubik’s NHS Blog No.3

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In previous blogs I’ve drawn a comparison between trying to design the next English NHS dental contract and solving a Rubik’s Cube – as fast as you get one part sorted, you realise that, in the process, you’ve inadvertently messed up another part!

Calling all Practice Management Teams!

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The Bolton Practice Management Conference is only a couple of weeks away and the preparations are well underway.  The speakers are lined up and ready to go and the topics are already getting people talking. This one-day event is being held in Bolton on 6th June and Reading on 27th June and is guaranteed to be one of the best …