Take eggs-tra special care of your teeth this Easter

Top tips on how to look after your teeth this Easter

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With the supermarket shelves stacked high with Easter eggs of all shapes and sizes, our season of chocolate feasting is about to start. But are we in danger of turning it into a festival of gluttony? What is a sensible amount of chocolate to eat and does it really matter?  Here, Hygienist Jo Dickinson shares her advice on how you and …

Supporting teenagers

How to support teenagers to look after their teeth!

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Our teenage years are the toughest ones that we go through as the transition from childhood to adulthood is rarely a smooth one. Sometimes in the midst of all this, our teeth can get overlooked – storing up big problems for the future. Here, Dental Hygienist, Jo Dickinson, explains the ways in which our teenagers are damaging their teeth and …

How bananas could make a monkey out of your teeth

How bananas could make a monkey of your teeth!

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I once spent some time with some cyclists. It was an eye-opening experience, because without a doubt they took their sport really seriously, more seriously than any other amateur sport that I have come across. I quickly concluded that any man who shaves his legs and plunges into a bathtub full of ice after a ride is either incredibly committed …

What's not sweet about sugar?

Sugar – a bitter taste!

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I have a confession. I secretly spy on people in the supermarket and watch what they are putting in their shopping trolleys. I think I have shopping trolley envy. Last week, I watched a woman pile pizzas, ready meals, packets of biscuits and jars of pasta sauce into her trolley, with not a care in the world. I began to realise …

Dont give up giving up

Don’t Give Up Giving Up!

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New Year’s resolutions don’t have to start on the 1st January. Hasty resolutions are often the first ones ditched. If you’ve tried giving up smoking before, this or even next month might just be the time you become free of cigarettes. It’s easy to assume that because you’ve tried to give up once or even numerous times, that the next attempt …