4 Key steps you should take before interviewing

Four simple steps to improve your recruitment process

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Zoe Close, Area Sales Manager from Practice Plan, shares four simple ways to improve your recruitment process. Running a successful and thriving practice is a team effort. You need to have the right mix of skills, expertise and personalities to keep things running smoothly and ensure patients are satisfied. When you are looking for a new person to join your …

BodCast Episode 5 Michael Bentley

How to build a strong team – Part 2

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Today’s episode of Bodcast is the second with Michael Bentley focusing on how to build a strong team. Host Zoe Close, Area Sales Manager at Practice Plan caught up with Dental Consultant Michael Bentley to find out his tips and advice on creating ‘The ULTIMATE Interview Process.’

How to get the most out of an interview

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Are you looking to recruit some newbies to the team, but want to ensure you cover every base in your interviews? Peninsula Business Services are on hand to help you do just that by sharing their top interviewing techniques.