Practice Plan meets Diane Youdale

Former Gladiator, turned business coach, talks leadership and managing change

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In the nineties, she was a star of Saturday night TV as Jet in The Gladiators. For the past 20 years Diane Youdale (AKA Jet) has been a coaching mentor to businesses and individuals, working with hundreds of people from a range of professions. Practice Plan was delighted to catch up with Diane to find out her advice on stress, …

Five thoughts on effective leadership

How to be an effective leader in your dental practice!

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Leadership is not easy at the best of times, but is perhaps even harder in a dental practice environment because the dynamics of the practice can work against it. Think about it, the leader of the practice (usually the principal dentist) is cooped up in surgery for most of each day, which limits the amount of interaction with the rest …