How to create an A team

Managing expectations to create an A-team

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After hearing that business consultants Laura Horton and Michael Bentley will be speaking about team development at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show, Zoe Close from Practice Plan caught up with the pair to find out more… Practice life runs a lot smoother when the expectations of the team and the practice owner are aligned and, therefore, their relationship …

Leading a dental team

The philosophy of leading a dental team

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Zoe Close from Practice Plan speaks to Colin Campbell, oral surgeon and founder of The Campbell Academy, about leadership within a dental practice… Strong leadership is one of the key non-clinical skills that can drive a practice to grow and help to ensure profitability. However, it’s not necessarily emphasised during dental training and can be something that many struggle with. …

Future of practice ownership

What does the future of practice ownership look like?

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David Houston and Tony Kilcoyne explore what the future holds when it comes to owning a dental practice… While there may be no formal career pathway for dentists entering the profession, traditionally the route went from graduate to associate to practice owner. However, as the costs of owning a practice increase, along with the legislation that owners have to contend …

Expert advice from Ashley Latter

How to gain an hour by delegating effectively

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Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and your to do list is ever growing?  Ashley Latter shares his advice for mastering the art of delegation to give you back more hours in the day.   What you will hear: The advantages of delegating. The reasons why we don’t delegate as much as we should do. Simple but …

Managers and leaders

The difference between great leadership and great management

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Suki Singh looks at what it means to lead and manage well, and the difference between the two… Successfully running a business such as a dental practice requires strong leadership and good management. The two are not interchangeable terms, as people sometimes think, and don’t necessarily come from the same person within the practice. However, great leaders can feel that …

Discussing CSR

Mark Topley explains how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) benefits the community but also your practice.

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Mark talks to Nigel Jones about why CSR should be a fundamental part of every business and dispels the myth that it is only relevant to big corporations. He explains how focusing on CSR within your practice can increase both patient and team engagement, the positive impact it can have on your business as a whole and how to begin …


Embedding compliance into practice life

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“I do compliance on a Friday.” Sound familiar? This is something I have heard time and again while visiting practices during my years in the profession. And, while it’s great that compliance is being done, for it to be done to the standard required and the entire team to have the level of knowledge expected by the CQC, it needs …

Six thinking hats

Make confident decisions – put on your thinking hats

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Running a busy dental practice means challenges can be thrown up on a daily basis. Here, dental business consultant Sheila Scott explores a tried and tested technique to decide how to deal with opportunities or solve problems effectively as a team and keep your practice thriving…

Managing personality conflicts in a small team

Advice for managing personality conflicts in a small team

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Zoe Close, Area Sales Manager at Practice Plan, uses her 14 years’ experience as a practice manager to share her guidance on how to tackle personality clashes in the workplace…

Bulletproof HR advice for your practice

Bulletproof HR advice for your practice

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HR and employment law Solicitor, Sarah Buxton, is the latest expert in dentistry to share her expertise and advice with practice managers and business owners. The age-old phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ has no better use than here. If you’re a practice manager or business owner, having to recruit a new member of staff or let go of a …