Crisis ahead

A potential workforce crisis in dentistry

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Nigel Jones discusses the issues surrounding dentist recruitment and retention with Eddie Crouch, Simon Thackeray and Ros Keeton… Recruitment and retention are two sides of the same troubling coin for the future of dentistry, particularly within the NHS. Anecdotally, there is much discussion about the difficulty of filling roles in practices. When you add this to surveys* that show NHS …

Your questions answered

Joe Hendron explains what NHS dentists can expect when the new contract rolls out

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Towards the end of 2018, we were told that NHS England are committed to a phased rollout of the new dental contract from April 2020. This declaration of a date comes after years of testing variations (albeit, some would say these were just mildly tweaked iterations of each other rather than any real differences) of a new contract, which at …

April 2020

A date for the new contract, but will anything change?

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In April 2020, the reformed NHS dental contract will come into force, and many will be wondering whether the changes this will bring are the kind the profession so desperately needs, while others will question whether they can rely on the Government for this level of transformation. Some may be sceptical that this date will not be pushed back. However, …