Top hats, toast and moments of truth

An insight into a day of ‘Top Hats, Toast and Moments of Truth’

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With the Practice Plan Workshop Tour now in full swing, we wondered what insights and top tips have practices come away with so far? We asked Liz Barraclough, Practice Manager at Ilkley Dental Care in Leeds, that very question!

Six moments of truth in the patient journey

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Ashley Latter and Chris Barrow ‘step into’ the patient journey and focus on six instances which are vital to either attracting a new patient, or keeping the ones you have. Referring to these instances as ‘the moments of truth’, they offer a range of ways to help you improve these areas within your patient journey.

Top hats toast & moments of truth

Sheila Scott and Chris Barrow give us a glimpse of what to expect on this year’s Workshop Tour

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Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator, catches up with dental business experts, Sheila Scott and Chris Barrow, ahead of this year’s Workshop Tour to find out what they have in store for you…

Marketing your dental practice

How to attract new patients by developing your marketing strategy

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Discover Chris Barrow’s tips and guidance on how you can get more of your existing patients into the appointment book, as well as how you can attract new patients through the door of your dental practice all by focusing upon your marketing strategy in this episode of Bodcast, hosted by Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones.

Empowering dentists

How to empower yourself to take control of your future!

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Practice Plan brought together three experts – Chris Barrow, Sarah Buxton and Ashley Latter – to find out How can dental professionals achieve success through self-empowerment? Here, Chris Barrow, Sarah Buxton and Ashley share their views on dental professionals can do just that.

The future of marketing in dentistry

Chris Barrow’s predictions on the future of marketing in dentistry

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Over the last two years, there has been an explosion in the digital marketing landscape. It’s fair to say that you would have to have been living in a cave not to see the developments which have been made in this area.

Nurture your patients - reap the rewards

How to nurture your existing patients to achieve business growth

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In Chris Anderson’s now famous book, The Long Tail, he examines the way in which the internet has allowed many organisations to monetise their own less popular products, services and clients. By way of example, Waterstones simply don’t have the space to stock anything beyond the top 20% of reader choices but Amazon can ‘print on demand’ the most obscure publications imaginable …

Practice Plan BDIA 2015 Business Theatre

The Business Skills Theatre

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Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator, introduces us to The Business Skills Theatre at this year’s BDIA Dental Showcase.

Practice Managers Conference 2015

My Top Tips From This Year’s Practice Management Conference

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Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator, reflects on some of the top tips from the recent Practice Management Conference to help you take your practice to the next level!

Regional Events

Beth Brown Introduces Practice Plan Regional Events

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Beth Brown, Events and Marketing Assistant at Practice Plan, introduces a new series of events that are taking the country by storm.