There’s No Business Like Show Business… And That Includes Your Business!

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Ashley Latter is at the forefront of this year’s Practice Plan Workshop Tour, sharing the secrets to ‘Perfect Communication’. The tour kicked off in Manchester with an audience of over 130 delegates. Heather Podbury, Managing Editor at FMC, was one of the lucky people to have attended the event. Here, she shares some of Ashley’s top secrets to ‘Perfect Communication’.

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What Can We Do About People That Hate Going To The Dentist?

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Dental Business Consultant Kevin Rose shares how he believes communication is key to helping people overcome their negative perception of visiting the dentist.

It’s never a surprise that during family get-togethers you face that one inevitable question: ‘so, what are you doing these days?’ It’s never a shock that I almost always witness a negative reception to my response of the words ‘dentist’ and ‘dentistry’. So, now I’m back at my desk, I feel obliged to ponder the big question… why do some people hate going to the dentist and what can be done about it?

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It’s Marketing Time… And This Time It’s Personal!

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Les Jones, Marketing Director at Practice Plan, takes a moment to explain why a personal touch can go a long way when it comes to marketing your practice.

When a friend asks if you could possibly do them a big favour, do you find yourself preparing to say ‘yes’, even before you know what the favour is?

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The Changing Face of Communication

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Nigel Jones, Sales Director at Practice Plan, looks at the topics that arise in his visits to practices. This month he discusses the changing face of communication with patients and how to embrace the use of technology and incorporate it into your dental practice.

With most practices seemingly having to work harder to attract new patients and to maintain appropriate levels of treatment plan uptake, it’s been interesting to see how more and more are enhancing their use of technology to improve communication with patients.Read More

Connect With The Connected!

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With social media taking the dental industry by storm, we speak to Brendon Macdonald, Chief Content Officer of ApexHub – a publishing and content creation agency that specialises in providing social media management & solutions, to find out more on what dental professionals should be doing to stay ahead of the game.

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Taking Time Out – The Bigger Picture

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Former Technical Director at Practice Plan, Graham Penfold talks about the importance of taking some time out to look at the bigger picture.

With the arrival of my 60th birthday and the departure of my son to university, resulting in my wife and I joining the ranks of ‘empty nesters’, I decided to take some time out and reflect on matters past, present and future. So, we flew to Longyearbyen in Svalbard, which is mid-way between northern Norway and the North Pole, to join a cruise which would hopefully allow us to see polar bears, walruses and arctic foxes in their natural wilderness. I was also advised that mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals were questionable at best, making it the perfect setting for some serious thinking about what’s next and why!

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Transparency Equals Trust

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Les Jones, Marketing Director at Practice Plan, explains why it’s every dentist’s responsibility to make sure patients are well-informed.

I recently stopped off at a well-known tyre chain to get my car tyres checked. On the face of it, the experience couldn’t have been better. It turned out that I only needed two new tyres, when I’d braced myself for three… result! Plus, the two new tyres came in almost £100 cheaper than I’d anticipated… another result! And, to complete my great experience, both tyres were quickly fitted and I was on my way less than half an hour after arriving.

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How To Recruit More Patients Onto Plans – Part Two

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In the second of two blog posts covering recruiting more patients onto your plan, Former Technical Director at Practice Plan, Graham Penfold, looks at using incentives, marketing and training.

To incentivise your staff towards recruiting more patients onto plans, you might want to consider putting a nominal sum, say £10 for each patient recruited, into a kitty to be shared out amongst the staff. If you are uncomfortable with such a transparent financial incentive, an evening or half-day out with a meal can be an alternative. By and large, people enjoy being recognised and being rewarded and an appropriate thank you often helps the cause.

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How To Recruit More Patients Onto Plans – Part One

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In the first of two blogs, Former Technical Director at Practice Plan, Graham Penfold, focuses upon getting started and effective communication.

Dentists often comment that they would like to recruit more patients onto their practice membership plans but are uncertain about how to set about achieving this. There are several ways of optimising patient plan uptake and the first steps are to set an objective and to have a clear action plan.

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