Strawberry Cake and the Halo Effect

Emma Sillars Practice Management Leave a Comment

From her experience of visiting hundreds of practices all over the UK, Regional Support Manager Emma Sillars discusses why first impressions really do count and how you can polish up on yours!

A recent study revealed that if a cake has strawberries on the top, we estimate that it has 16% less calories than the same cake without the strawberries! Seems barmy, but this is because we perceive strawberries as healthy, and attribute this quality to the cake by association.

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Help – There are Gaps in my Appointment Book!

Kevin Rose Marketing and Design, Practice Management Leave a Comment

Kevin Rose takes a look at how to look at an issue from a different perspective when trying to fill your appointment book!

One thing I’ve noticed from being out in the field and spending time with practice owners is that for many of them their sense of wellbeing and security is linked to the number of gaps in their appointment book, which sort of makes sense as gaps don’t pay the bills.

Commonly, it’s thought that just filling the gaps will make the problem go away, but in reality it often won’t. Of course, there are plenty of practical things you can do to increase patient activity. For instance, getting in contact with your patients that have an open treatment plan and address their concerns for not continuing with it (note they’re just concerns not ‘objections’), but to me, that is all just creating an ‘engineering’ solution to a problem that requires a better understanding of ‘physics’.

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A Wig, a Scooter and a Lap of the Office

Martin Cartwright Marketing and Design Leave a Comment

The year was 2001 and I was working at one the most respected design agencies in the North West, if not the UK at the time, Tucker Clarke Williams (TCW), and I loved every minute of it! Sadly, the company is no longer with us, but some of the remaining people took on the challenge of setting up again and started LOVE Creative, a huge powerhouse in advertising.

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Low Cost Ideas For Attracting New Patients

Guest Writer Marketing and Design, Practice Management, Social Media and Digital Marketing Leave a Comment

Les Jones, Marketing Director at Practice Plan, shares some low-cost ideas on how to attract new patients to your dental practice.

1. Networking

The first thing you need to do is ‘get out there!’ and get your face recognised. Networking is a great way of establishing your presence in the town. Find out where the key influencers are within the town and make an effort to join their circles – business clubs, sports clubs and societies are a good place to start. Many of these organisations hold regular meetings and events, and some are quite often looking for speakers – volunteering to put an interesting talk together on the health benefits of good dentistry could also get you in front of a few audiences.

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Calling all Practice Management Teams!

Sarah Whittall Company News, Practice Management Leave a Comment

The Bolton Practice Management Conference is only a couple of weeks away and the preparations are well underway.  The speakers are lined up and ready to go and the topics are already getting people talking. This one-day event is being held in Bolton on 6th June and Reading on 27th June and is guaranteed to be one of the best yet!  As always, we’ve got some of the top dental industry experts presenting at the event, which focuses on developing the skills needed to successfully run a dental practice.

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