What is it About Selling That Makes You Uncomfortable About Selling to Your Patients?

Kevin Rose Marketing and Design, Practice Management Leave a Comment

It won’t come as a surprise that being able to communicate is a top-of-the-list requirement for any modern-day, forward-thinking dental practice, especially when past research from the BDIA shows that patients are now keener than ever to talk to their dentist, but is the profession doing everything it can to match up to this?

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Accidentally ‘not bad’ at this design lark!

Martin Cartwright Marketing and Design Leave a Comment

The year was 1988, Bros were number 1 and I was a 15 year old schoolboy being asked what I wanted to do for a career. Our careers officer was called Mr Simms. All I can remember is that he had broken glasses on and spoke in a very North Walian accent, ‘So Cartwrigghhhttt, what you looking to doooo after schooooool?’ I had always enjoyed drawing, so I replied, ‘Something to do with art, sir?’Read More