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Practice What You Preach – Marketing: Are You Investing In The Right Solution?

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Practice Plan‘s Sales Director, Nigel Jones, talks about marketing and the importance of understanding what you are trying to achieve to make sure your marketing efforts are channelled in the most appropriate way.

A recurring theme as I travel around the UK visiting dental practices is marketing and, in particular, how best to attract new patients. I am often asked if I think a leaflet drop to a particular estate or a significant upgrade to the practice website are good ideas, or even if the fantastic offer that has just come through from Cheshire Life is worth taking up.

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Practice What You Preach – Free To Market?

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Former Technical Director at Practice Plan, Graham Penfold is renowned for his expertise in strategically advising dental practices and writing on policy and managerial issues affecting dentistry. Here, Graham shares his knowledge on using incentives in the practice.

Rewards, promotions and special offers; tantalising words for some and an anathema to others, but becoming increasingly common amongst dentistry where practices are looking for more ways to attract new patients. I find that more and more practices are asking ‘What incentives could be offered to patients as an incentive to refer patients or join a dental plan without falling foul of the GDC guidelines?’ Therefore, I decided to write to the GDC and ask them four specific questions:

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Practice what you preach

Practice What You Preach – Marketing On A Tiny Budget

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Les Jones is the Editor of BoD Magazine and the Marketing Director at Practice Plan and shares some of his knowledge here.

Earlier this year I delivered a couple of events entitled ‘marketing on a budget’. As the current economic climate continues to squeeze every practice’s finances, I thought I’d share just a few of those ideas with you.

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