Rubik's NHS-Part 2

Rubik’s NHS Blog No.2

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In my most recent blog, I likened the challenge of embedding prevention in a redesigned English NHS contract to the challenge of completing a Rubik’s Cube – solving one issue unintentionally creates others. This analogy can of course be extended to various other aspects of the potential look and feel of any new dental contract.

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Rotten Diet Rotten Teeth

Rotten Diets, Rotten Teeth – Tips On How To Keep Your Child’s Diet Healthy

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Alongside good dental hygiene such as tooth brushing and regular dental visits, effective nutritional advice is a key strategy in the drive to reduce dental decay. Here I take a look at how drivers of prevention and treatment need to work together effectively to strengthen and protect the teeth of our children and offer some tips on what you can do to help your children.
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Wesleyan DAPS New Acquisition

Wesleyan Group Acquire DPAS

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Wesleyan, the specialist financial services provider, today announced the acquisition of DPAS, a major provider of practice-branded dental plans. This acquisition will strengthen Wesleyan’s position in the dental market, where it already provides a range of personal and commercial services to the dental profession. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval.
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Rubik's NHS

Rubik’s NHS Blog No. 1

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Whether you have memories from those early days or are one of the newer converts, anyone who has tried to tackle a Rubik’s Cube knows how frustrating it can be. Careful concentration can result in getting a handful of pieces in the right place before you then see all your hard work unravel as you try to sort out the next section. It’s no wonder it’s become a helpful analogy to use to illustrate the complexity of problems in many varied fields.

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Is a move from NHS to private dentistry more viable than you think?

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Making a move away from the NHS to a fully private practice is a proposition that many NHS contract holders find very attractive and yet, most choose to continue to accept the pressures they feel come with the delivery of an NHS contract because they consider the risks of making the move away to be too great.

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Reasons to go private

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Most dentists considering a move from the NHS to private dentistry do so because their current situation has become unworkable, so they are looking to move away from the financial and time pressures they face every day. It stands to reason then that they focus on this ‘moving away from a stressful situation’ rather than visualising and focusing on what they are moving towards.

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