The importance of leadership

The Importance of Leadership to Create a Successful Dental Practice

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As pressure grows for dental practices to respond to increasing costs and to stay ahead of the growing competition, principals must become more commercially aware. Determining the most appropriate strategy to fulfil financial goals is vital but leading teams to achieve it is imperative. The success or failure of your leadership skills is reflected in your results.Read More

How Practice Plan Supported us in the Conversion from NHS to Private Dentistry

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The decision for us to convert to private dentistry was made back in 2006, after the introduction of the latest NHS contract. We signed the contract as many did, but soon realised it was unworkable for us due to the structure of the contract, the UDA target and the UDA value. It very quickly became apparent that without seriously compromising ourselves, the targets were unachievable, and it was a very stressful time.

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The benefits of employing a TCO

The Benefits of Employing a TCO in Your Dental Practice

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Laura Horton has been evangelising about the benefits of employing a treatment coordinator (TCO) in your dental practice in recent years… and it seems that a lot of people have been listening. More and more practices are employing the skills of a TCO and often to dramatic effect.

Les Jones caught up with Laura to hear why she is so passionate about promoting the TCO role.Read More

How to plan a children's open day

How to Plan a Children’s Day in Your Dental Practice

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Days dedicated to treating children are becoming a popular way of engaging young people in dentistry and they also prove to be both cost and time efficient.

Practice Plan‘s Laura Jones went along to The Old Surgery in Crewe to meet Practice Manager Lisa Bainham to pick up a few hints and tips on how to plan a children’s day in your dental practice.

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3 Business Tools to Improve Your Dental Practice

Three Business Tools to Improve Your Dental Practice

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Everyone wants to improve their business… but sometimes we all need a little friendly prod to get us going. Here are some tried and tested business models and approaches that just might get your creative and strategic juices flowing. Take some time to read them through, think about them in the context of your dental practice and involve the team in applying them to your future plans. Each tool is simple, relevant and easy to get going, all you have to do is commit a bit of time and energy to improve your dental practice.Read More