Managing oral health in dementia sufferers

The importance of managing oral health in dementia sufferers

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Dementia is now one of the most common neurological disorders in the older generation. Here, Dental Hygienist, Jo Dickinson, explains why maintaining good oral health in dementia sufferers is so important and how this can be managed. Read More

Planning for the future: Sara Hurley speaks out

Planning for the future: the CDO speaks out…

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On 12th June, the Chief Dental Officer (CDO) for England, Sara Hurley, brought together key stakeholders in dentistry to be transparent about the department’s work, to open the lines of communication, and to support efforts to improve oral health on a national basis.
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Key challenges facing a practice manager and how to overcome them

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Don’t miss this episode of Bodcast with the President of ADAM and Practice Manager, Lisa Bainham. In it, Lisa shares some of the key challenges she’s faced as a practice manager and how she has worked to overcome these, as well as providing insight into the key influences within the dental industry which impact upon practice managers. 

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What do you think is the future for associates within the new NHS contract?

Len D’Cruz’s views on the future for associates within the new NHS contract

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The future for the whole profession of dentists working under the reformed contract within the NHS is unclear, but here we look specifically at how associates could be impacted by the changes. Len D’Cruz, whose practice has been involved with the pilots and prototypes, gives his thoughts on this question…

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Top hats toast & moments of truth

Sheila Scott and Chris Barrow give us a glimpse of what to expect on this year’s Workshop Tour

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Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator, catches up with dental business experts, Sheila Scott and Chris Barrow, ahead of this year’s Workshop Tour to find out what they have in store for you…Read More

How to soothe practice headaches

How to tackle three big headaches faced by dental teams

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During my 30 years in the dental profession, including many years working in both private and NHS practices, I would say that the challenges facing private practices have remained largely unchanged. Perhaps with the exceptions of the CQC with more rigorous regulation and compliance, managing NHS contracts and ensuring delivery of UDAs, and the increasing competitiveness in the private market – particularly since the last dental contract reform in 2006.

Below, are three of the top concerns that I hear a lot from dental teams, many of which are familiar from my time working in practice:

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The importance of language in a dental practice

Sheila Scott’s advice on the importance of language in a dental practice

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Don’t miss the latest episode of Bodcast with Sheila Scott! In this episode, hosted by Zoe Close, Sheila talks about the use of ‘bad’ language in dental practices and provides her advice on the type of language you should be using when you’re talking to patients.

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Seven simple steps to attracting new patients

How to attract more patients to your dental practice

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Attracting new patients is a perennial challenge for practices, and something I often hear when visiting dentists is how to do so without spending too much money. Of course, the best approach for you will depend on your practice’s individual circumstances, your goals and your budget. Having said that there are some areas that are worth thinking about as a starting point as to how you can begin to entice new patients to your practice…

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CDO briefing day

Office of the CDO explained

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The office of the CDO called a briefing day last month to bring clarity to what the office is responsible for, what they are focusing on and what they’ve a achieved so far.

The agenda included:
  • Smile4Life
  • NHS England structure, responsibilities and relationship to OCDO
  • Leading the change
  • Innovation and improvement
  • Digital transformation

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Are dentists missing out on vital tax reliefs?

Are dentists missing out on vital tax reliefs?

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John Clarke, Head of Business Development at Wesleyan Bank explains…

High-earning dentists expect to pay a lot in taxes every year. However, many are failing to take advantage of legitimate tax relief benefits which could save them thousands of pounds and help to improve their practice’s cash flow and fund future investments.

According to research conducted by Catax, 39 per cent of SMEs are unaware they can claim a valuable form of tax relief known as ‘Capital Allowances’ and many businesses, including dental and GP practices, could be sitting on a potentially significant tax windfall which may never have been brought to their attention previously.Read More