Are you CQC ready?

Making sure you are ready in the event of a CQC inspection

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Clare Ison, Practice Manager at Beaufort Dental Health Centre, tells her CQC inspection tale about what to expect from an inspection and some words of advice to anyone preparing for one.

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Will the new NHS contract help therapists utilise their full scope of practice

Helen Minnery talks about the impact the new NHS contract could have on the wider dental team

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A lot of the debates and discussion so far around contract reform has focused on the impact it will have on dentists. Yet, of course, whatever changes might be coming to the profession will affect the entire team – and could alter the shape of the workforce.

How exactly that would look remains to be seen. It could mean modifications to the skill mix within a practice or that the profile of hygienists and therapists is raised, both with dentists and the public. In this edition of our regular column, we turned to Helen Minnery, President of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) to ask the question:

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Putting community at the heart of your business

Putting community at the heart of your business

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Don’t miss the latest episode of Bodcast in which Liz McKenzie, Chief Operating Officer from Wesleyan, chats to Nigel Jones about why corporate social responsibility is so important for your business to consider. She talks about the difference you can make to your community and in turn the positive impact that can have on your business.Read More

Seven things your home page must have

Tips for getting the most from your homepage

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You’re probably aware that most potential new patients will visit your website as their first port of call when searching for a dentist. However, you might not be aware that you only have a matter of seconds to impress them and stop them leaving your site – 55% of people spend fewer than 15 seconds on a page. So, how do you make an immediate impact? Our UX Designer, Richard Hatton, shares his advice on the key things you should have on your homepage…Read More

How to hold a successful children's open day

How to hold a successful children’s open day

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In this episode of Bodcast experienced Practice Manager and President of ADAM, Lisa Bainham, talks to Nigel Jones about the benefits of holding practice open days for children. She offers advice and practical tips for ensuring they are fun for both the patients and the team and focuses on the wider benefits for the practice.Read More

How to beat Cybercrime

Three top tips on how to protect your practice against Cybercrime

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Cybercrime – is this on your radar, or do you operate in ignorant bliss that this will ‘never happen to me’? As a practice manager or business owner of patient data, the threat of cybercrime is ever present. Only this year, the NHS made headline news when they fell victim – turning away patients and using pen and paper to take notes.

Could your practice be at risk of a cyberattack? We’ve asked Barrie Millett, Head of Group Security at Wesleyan Assurance Society, to share his three top tips on how to protect your practice and patient details from an attack.

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Oral hygiene for dental implants

Four key things you need to do to look after your implants

Sheetal Anand Dental Health Leave a Comment

Dental implants are an increasing popular alternative to bridges or removable dentures and – with the correct aftercare – should last a lifetime. They look and feel like normal teeth and you should be able to eat as you would with normal teeth as they provide the same strength and ‘bite’.

As a financial investment into your oral health you want to do as much as you can to ensure their longevity. Cleaning around your implants, and ensuring that you also receive regular professional care is vital.Read More

Huddle or Muddle

Why you should consider a daily team huddle

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Something interesting often happens before the start of a big team sport occasion – be it football, rugby, basketball or any other team sport.

It’s the team huddle.

That moment when all the members of the team gather in a circle, arms around each other’s shoulders and all bent forward to hear the words of the captain.

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The 10% push, how to increase your income by 10% in one year

How to boost your income by 10% in 12 months

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Simon Tucker and Les Jones talk about a selection of low or no-cost ideas that are easy to implement in practice to help you start increasing your income immediately. They also shine a light on areas where opportunities to increase sales are being missed.Read More

How to become a results driven business

Business planning to get better results

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The analogy we use to explain the journey to achieving your desired goals is the sat nav. When you switch on your sat nav, it locates your current position. It asks where you would like to go (the required result), offers you a choice of routes based on different criteria: scenic, most direct, etc., and then once you decide, it indicates how to achieve your desired destination and provides measures along the way to assess progress and ensure you arrive as planned.Read More