Benefits of zoning your appointment book

Lisa Bainham explains why you should zone your appointment book

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With 18 years experience as practice manager at The Old Surgery in Crewe, Lisa Bainham is well placed to share tried and tested methods to help you fully utilise your appointment book. She explains the benefits of zoning appointments and how little changes can improve working life for everyone in the practice as well as have a positive impact on your patient experience.Read More

Future loading

A year of small steps, rather than giant leaps

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Nigel Jones looks back at the developments in dentistry over the past year and what 2018 might hold…Read More

NHS questions answered

Paul Worskett discusses the level of financial risk associated with running a prototype B practice

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Contract reform remains a source of uncertainty and one of the issues that is still unknown is what level of financial risk dentists may face when, or if, it is implemented. A measure of success of the prototypes is whether the new pathways being tested deliver appropriate high-quality care and access for patients (as well as delivering value for money).

Achieving all of the required indicators, particularly those mentioned above – has an impact on the financial risk for the practice, in terms of the potential for claw back and the possibility of needing additional resource to meet the contract’s needs. To gain some insight into how the practicalities of working under a new contract effect the level of financial risk, we turned to Paul Worskett, who runs a prototype B practice, and asked: 

How much financial risk is involved in the new contract?

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Its all about the money

It’s all about the money – how dentists can improve their finances in 2018

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When compiling your list of New Year’s resolutions, the chances are that improving your personal finances may trail behind more common goals such as ‘exercising more’ and ‘drinking less’. But as we all know, identifying what we’d like to change is the easy part, actually sticking to it for a sustained period has been proven to be extremely difficult.

However, before making and breaking your New Year’s resolutions for 2018, don’t be so quick to give in when it comes to better managing your money, particularly around taxes if you are self-employed. It is estimated that some dentists typically pay around 10% too much tax through a combination of receiving poor advice and failing to get a tighter grip of their financial affairs.Read More

learning from supermarkets

What can dentists learn from supermarkets?

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Richard Scarborough, Area Sales Manager at Practice Plan, examines what dentists could learn from supermarkets to stay ahead of the competition

Dentists and supermarkets are not often discussed in the same breath. However, having spent the last 12 years of my career in both sectors, I believe there are some things that the big retailers are doing that dentists could put into practice to help them grow successfully.Read More

In discussion with Dev Patel

The role of the entrepreneur in dentistry

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Les Jones caught up with award winning young dentist, Dev Patel at this year’s BDIA Dental Showcase to discuss the role of the entrepreneur in the future of dentistry.

At only 28 Dev is co-founder of two businesses, a practice owner and FD trainer. With such an impressive CV, we were keen to hear what drives him and if he thinks an entrepreneurial spirit is on the rise in the profession as a whole.Read More

Dental check by 1

Over 40% of UK children miss out on free dental check-ups

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As both principal dentist at Oakdale Dental and a devoted father, Dr Alif Moosajee is a big advocate of the ‘Dental check by 1’ initiative. The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry is publicising this to ensure all children in the UK see a dentist by their first birthday. Dr Alif explains why he believes the initiative is so important.Read More

How in tune are you with your customers needs

How in tune are you with your customers’ communication needs?

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I recently received a promotional letter from a well-known dental magazine regarding advertising opportunities within their publication. On the back of the letter, encouraging me to respond, was a faxback form.

A faxback form?!?

I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t used a fax machine in at least a decade, possibly longer. I would love to know how many responses the magazine gets chugging through on its antiquated Brother 1200 or whatever model they have. It’s certainly a strange choice of communication channel in these days of texts, emails and apps. You might even call it crazy.

But, here’s a question – how in tune are YOU with the communication wants and needs of your customers and potential customers?Read More

Tony Kilcoyne considers the NHS Confidence Monitor results and what they mean for the future of NHS dentistry

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In this episode of Bodcast, Nigel Jones and Tony Kilcoyne take a look at the NHS Confidence Monitor results in relation to the general views and feelings of the profession about NHS dentistry now, and in the future. Tony talks specifically about what the results indicate regarding the way NHS dentists feel about the level of patient care they can provide and the compromises they are having to make.Read More

How to future proof your practice

Future-proof your practice with a strong business plan

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Richard Scarborough looks at the importance of business plans for growing your practice and how best to create one…

‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ I believe that the answer to this should form the basis of your business plan, as it will enable you to set specific goals aligned to your long-term vision.

This is one of the key reasons a robust plan is so important for managing a successful, growing practice. It allows you to map out exactly how you are going to achieve your core goal, allow for contingencies, identify how you will measure your success and enable you to track your progress. And, what all of that means is that you can then easily prioritise what you need to be focusing on and when, making that future goal much more attainable.Read More