Big lessons from LEJOG

Big lessons learned from LEJOG

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I have recently completed the challenge of cycling 1000 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LeJoG) with four great mates from the dental sector – Chris Barrow, Sheila Scott, Ashley Latter and Simon Tucker. We went under the banner of ‘FiveGoForth’.

It was tough…really tough, but it was also exhilarating, enjoyable and hugely rewarding. Now I’m back, I’ve been reflecting on the ride and, in particular, some of the lessons I learned along the way that could be applied to your business – and here they are, neatly packaged into bite-sized chunks…which leads me to the first lesson…Read More

Securing Finance

As if by magic – how to secure the finance you need to realise your dreams

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Sixteen years ago, while studying medicine at the University of Manchester, Jonathan Westall started working as a magician. This saw him perform at private, corporate and charity functions alongside world-class peers from the legendary Magic Circle. Although magic was his pastime, his initial career focus was medicine, and upon graduation he initially held a variety of medical positions working for NHS Trusts.

But when contemplating what his real passion in life was, Jonathan ultimately decided to focus his career in dentistry, and after completing his foundation training he discovered a long-established dental practice that was available to buy. However, his initial euphoria of finding his dream business quickly vanished when he was given just four weeks to secure a loan to progress the purchase.Read More

Push your practice newsletter

How to push your practice newsletter to the next level

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Newsletters are a fantastic tool that can offer mutual benefits for your practice and your patients, but do you use them to their full potential – if at all?

Here are some simple dos and don’ts for putting an engaging newsletter together for your patients with a focus on the content needed to boost treatment uptake.Read More

In conversation with Thomas Coates

Recent developments with buying and selling a practice in respect of NHS and CQC

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In a podcast of two halves, specialist solicitor, Thomas Coates, discusses a new policy introduced by the CQC that is making practice sales, purchases and restructures significantly more difficult. He also talks about an updated policy from the NHS regarding ‘24-hour retirement’ which makes the process more straightforward.

What you’ll hear:
  • The historic position in respect of CQC and NHS on the sale of a practice
  • Details of the new position being adopted by CQC and how it is obstructing the sale and purchase of NHS practices
  • An explanation of ’24-hour retirement’ and how it has been historically used
  • Details of recent NHS guidance which has made the process more straightforward

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A new helpline for struggling dentists

A new helpline for struggling dentists

Jeremy Cooper NHS Confidence Monitor - Industry comments Leave a Comment

One dentist is on a ‘personal mission’ to create a helpline to support his colleagues. Jeremy Cooper, who graduated in 1982 and is now based in Salford, wants to set up a 24-hour one-stop-shop phone helpline, backed up by a website, for dentists. It would be run by dentist volunteers offering advice and signposting callers who need help with any problem, whether it’s personal, professional, financial, legal, emotional, etc.

The idea for ‘Confidental’ was borne due to Jeremy’s increasing concern about the mental health of his fellow dental professionals.Read More

Expert advice from Sarah Buxton

How to handle sickness absence

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Employment and HR solicitor, Sarah Buxton, talks to Nigel Jones about how to deal with sickness absence in your team and explains the risks if you don’t handle it correctly.

What you’ll hear:

  • The best way to handle frequent short-term absence
  • What to do if a member of the team has provided a long-term sick note
  • What your responsibilities are if a team member has a disability

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David Cottam, Vice-Chair of the BDA’s GDPC explains how is the fee uplift calculated each year

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The pay increase awarded to dentists annually is often a source of consternation for the profession, with many dentists feeling it is not adequate reparation for their hard work. There is also the discrepancy between increases in patient charge revenue (PCR), which have risen by five per cent annually since 2016, and the increases in the fee uplift for dentists. The uplift has recently been held at a nominal one per cent, although this year has been set at two per cent – which whilst a step in the right direction, is still effectively a pay cut.

Understandably, many find this difference hard to swallow. Indeed, in a blog by Michael Watson recently he reported on a paper that the BDA had submitted for the 2018 Local Dental Committees annual conference which suggests that the annual contract uplift should reflect the percentage rise in PCR.

Given all of this, I asked David Cottam, Vice-Chair of the BDA’s GDPC, to explain more about how the fee uplift figure is decided. I asked him: How is the fee uplift calculated each year and why, if the pay increase for NHS workers has been fixed at one per cent, does the fee uplift vary from this?Read More

An interview with Barry Oulton

The language of influence and how to use it

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Barry explains the concept of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how becoming aware of your language can impact your communication, positively affect your relationships with patients and increase your profits.

What you’ll hear:
  • An introduction to how language can influence the subconscious mind
  • Easy ways to turn negative statements into positive ones
  • The importance of being aware of how you use the word ‘but’

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Charity begins at Town Hall Dental

Why our practice set up a charity and our big plans to help the homeless

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Dentistry is a profession where you can bring about real change and make a positive impact on someone’s life. One dental practice has taken that ethos a step further than most. Initially, Town Hall Dental began by working with their local charity providing dental care to the homeless and vulnerably housed. Since then they have set up their own charity and are also in the process of creating a community company to provide education, skills and training for the homeless.

Here, Rachel Dilley, Town Hall Dental’s Business Development Manager, explains their journey and how their award-winning practice is the cornerstone of all their charity work…Read More