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Does your choice of toothbrush really make a difference?

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We asked Dr Alif Moosajee, otherwise known as The Smiling Dentist, just how important your choice of toothbrush is when it comes to looking after your teeth. Here’s what he had to say:

‘A good workman never blames his tools.’

‘Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts.’

‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…, that’s what gets results.’

This theme has been debated by all of the great philosophers: Socrates, Plato and of course Bananarama!!

But when it comes to cleaning your teeth, is your choice of toothbrush as important as what you do with it?Read More

Location, Location, Location

Goodwill hunting – buying a dental practice has become all about the location

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If buying a dental practice is at the top of your new year wish list, you might be interested to know the main trends that have been influencing practice sales. According to the latest goodwill survey results compiled by The National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers (NASDAL), the market remains buoyant however buying a dental practice is now becoming all about the location.Read More

Park Place Dental

Brand New

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When Mark Hill, Principal Dentist at Park Place Dental Practice in Cardiff, relocated his business he also took the opportunity to refresh and update his branding. We caught up with Mark to find out why he turned to Practice Plan for help, how he went about it and how he – and his patients – feel about the new look…Read More

NHS questions answered

Sarah Buxton and Simon Thackeray look at how this ruling may impact the dental industry

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In November, Uber lost its appeal against an earlier ruling stating two of its drivers could be classed as workers, rather than self-employed contractors. This case has once again brought up the question around the employment status of associates – although it’s worth pointing out that Uber are set to appeal this latest decision as well.

To look at what ramifications this latest ruling could have for associates, I turned to two experts in the legal and dental fields. Simon Thackeray is a private dentist who recently completed a Master of Law and Sarah Buxton is an employment solicitor, specialising in working with dental practices. I asked them for their thoughts on the question: What implication does Uber losing its appeal have for associates?Read More

The future for young dentists

Considering the options open to young dentists and the importance of having a career plan

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Petros Mylonas talks to Nigel Jones about the different career paths open to young dentists today. Having graduated only 5 years ago, Petros is at the beginning of his career, yet has a clear idea of the path he would like it to take. He discusses the different options that are open to younger dentists today and how their career goals may differ from that of their predecessors.Read More

Adding to your team

Adding new members to your team – how staff inductions can ease the way

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Staff inductions are a golden opportunity to ensure that your newest employee assimilates into your team well and understands their role from the start. It’s an important step in the recruitment process and, when carried out well, can bring benefits for both the business and the employee.Read More

The BDA Benevolent fund

Dr Banner explains what the BDA Benevolent Fund is and how it works

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Dr Austin Banner, Trustee of the BDA Benevolent Fund, gives us an overview of the Fund. He explains exactly how it works, who can apply for financial help and the process to follow. Dr Banner also touches on the changes he has seen with regards to the demographic of people seeking their help.Read More

Feedback Fatigue

Feedback Fatigue

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A few weeks ago my car went into the garage for some routine work. The work was carried out well, I even had a little video report sent to me by email so that I could see the work that had been done before I picked the car up. And, as an added bonus, the car was cleaned and valeted. Brilliant!

When I picked the car up, I commented to the guy in the service department about how pleased I was with the service. But of course…that wasn’t enough.

Fast forward three days, it’s 7pm in the evening, I’m in the kitchen cooking our evening meal – pots are simmering away and I’m busy preparing a salad. The phone rings – I pick it up and wedge it between my ear and my shoulder.

A very polite lady tells me she’s calling on behalf of the garage to get some feedback on the service I received. Her first question is… ‘how satisfied are you with the overall service you received?’. To which I reply, ‘very satisfied…right up until this moment!’. The lady is taken aback. I carry on… ‘the service was great, but being disturbed at home in the evening while I’m cooking our evening meal has taken the gloss off it, to be honest’. She apologises, but ploughs on regardless and explains that the rest of her questionnaire will take no longer that four or five minutes. I politely decline, but tell her that she can mark me as a five out of five for every question if that helps.


She thanks me for the little time I have given her and signs off by telling me that, shortly, I will receive an email with a few questions so that I can give my feedback on the call I’ve just received!!  Feedback about the feedback call!

I start to wonder where this might end. Will I get a text survey about the email I’m about to get? Then a telephone call about the text? This could be the rest of my life!

Clearly, we live in the feedback society, but is it just me that is getting feedback fatigue?

I was recently sent an email to fill out a feedback form for the airport car park after a recent trip – I drove to the car park, the barrier went up, I parked my car…er…that’s it!

Of course, dentistry is not untouched by all of this feedback fever and there’s no doubt it can be extremely valuable in reassuring a prospective patient as well as satisfying the Friends and Family Test. But there will surely come a time when the methods for gathering feedback will render the results meaningless as well as having a negative impact on the patient experience.

I’d much rather read the personal and spontaneous handwritten comments in the visitors’ book at a practice than the solicited and amalgamated results of an online survey.

Anyway, rant over, thanks for reading, I feel a lot better now.

In a few days’ time you will receive an email questionnaire asking you to provide your feedback on this article. I trust you will do the right thing!

Dev Patel discussing the results of the 5th Confidence Monitor survey

Dev Patel talks to Les Jones about the latest NHS Confidence Monitor results

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Award winning young dentist Dev Patel shares his views on the results of the 5th NHS Confidence Monitor results with Les Jones. As a dentist at the beginning of his career, having only graduated 5 years ago, Dev brings a different perspective to the results. He talks about what they mean for his generation and how the expectation of dentistry while in education differs from the reality.Read More

Escape the sugar rush dinner

How to avoid added sugar at dinnertime

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Following on from my blog ‘How to avoid added sugar at lunchtime’, this blog will look at no-added-sugar meal planning strategies for dinner.

Many people get home from work in the evening and are too tired to cook so fall back on takeaways or convenience foods such as ready meals, which are often high in added sugar. It is possible to make healthy, delicious meals quickly and easily in the evenings and avoid that unwanted sugar hit. In this blog we’ll look at some of the most common ways that added sugar gets into the evening meal and some quick and easy recipe ideas for avoiding this.Read More