Simon Thackeray’s thoughts on the future of NHS dentistry

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Listen to this unmissable episode of Bodcast with Simon Thackeray where he shares his personal views on the current situation for NHS dentists and considers what the future might hold in an insightful discussion with host Nigel Jones.

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Mastering the art of attracting new patients

Mastering the art of attracting new patients

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It’s a challenge that most dental practices, whether general or specialist, are continually trying to tackle – how to attract the right number of the right type of patients?

It’s very tempting to jump straight to solutions and talk about referrals, signage, websites, advertising, social media, or any number of marketing techniques.  However, before too much time and money is invested in such tactics, it’s worth the effort to analyse in some depth, the problem you are trying to solve.

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Speculate to accumulate

Can dental practices risk delaying investment in new technology?

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Advancements in dentistry have accelerated considerably during the last five years due to the explosive growth of new technology. 3D printing, digital radiography and integrated practice management software offer enticing benefits to patients in today’s highly competitive dental market and can support a practice’s strategy to boost efficiency and profitability levels.

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Facing early retirement

Andrew Lockhart-Mirams’ thoughts on retirement in dentistry

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Andrew Lockhart-Mirams met with Practice Plan to discuss why an increasing number of dentists are looking to retire early, and what this means for both patients and the profession in the UK. 

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A private and NHS practice

How one practice built a successful mixed dental practice

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The partners at Allestree Dental Practice in Derby had been looking at introducing private dentistry in their NHS practice for a number of years. Happily, after meeting Regional Support Manager, Josie Hutchings, from Practice Plan, they learned that they could take that longed-for step toward private dentistry while maintaining the security of their NHS income. Josie spoke with Practice Manager, Angela Ward, to reflect on the practice’s transition.

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The benefits of having a clear vision for your practice

The benefits of having a clear vision for your practice

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Imagine for a moment that you’re going on holiday. Your bags are packed and the big day has finally arrived. Excitedly, you step outside of your front door and then, out of the blue, a worrying thought hits you… don’t know where you’re going!

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Interview with Richard Collard

Turning telephone enquiries into consultations with Richard Collard

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Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator, catches up with Business Consultant Richard Collard to find out how he is helping dental practices to turn more patient enquiries into business.

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Succesfully work with NHS England on legal aspects

How to successfully liaise with NHS England on legal aspects

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Gain a greater understanding on how you can successfully liaise with NHS England on legal aspects related to running your dental practice in this episode of Bodcast. Host Nigel Jones is joined by Andrew Lockhart-Mirams, Consultant at VWV, who shares his invaluable advice.Read More

Making your website more attractive

Making your website more attractive!

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Let’s face it, for most potential new patients, all roads lead to your website. If they’re looking for a new dentist, the most likely route is to do a Google search. And, if they’ve been referred by a friend or relative, most people would check you out via your website before making contact. So, without a doubt, your website is your most important marketing tool, outside of patient referrals. However, the problem with most dental websites is that they’re too much about the practice and not enough about the patient. Many are also filled with dental jargon that goes over the head of most patients.

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Managing your dental practice finances

How to Manage Your Dental Practice Finances

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Are you prepared for a rainy day? Can you forecast what your bank balance will be in six months time? Are you certain you will have sufficient funds to meet your tax bill?

Carol Groombridge, an industry-leading dental consultant, breaks down how to manage your dental practice finances.Read More