Young dentists at the coal face

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Our experience – beginning life as a dentist

Recent BDA research has revealed that more than half of dentists aged under 35 are planning to leave the NHS within five years and 10% intend to exit the profession entirely.

In a recent BoDcast, Dr Austin Banner, Trustee of the BDA Benevolent Fund, also reported that more and more young dentists are contacting the charity for help.

Bearing this in mind, we caught up with Jasmine Lobo and Petros Mylonas, who are in the early stages of their careers, to find out about their experience of entering the dental profession.

Jasmine qualified in June 2017 from the University of Leeds and is currently working as a dental foundation trainee in Swansea in a mixed NHS-private practice. Petros graduated in 2012 and is currently a Research Fellow in Prosthodontics at King’s College London Dental Institute and a part-time GDP in private practice.

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How to demonstrate good leadership

Nicki Rowland explains how to be a good leader and how to evidence this in a CQC inspection.

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In this episode of bodcast Nicki Rowland looks at why leadership in your dental practice is more important than ever. As the CQC will be focusing heavily on the Well-led KLOE in 2018, the requirement to demonstrate great leadership is in the spotlight. Nicki offers advice about the best way to approach being a good leader to benefit your practice and how you can evidence this in an inspection.Read More

Gum disease avoid the nightmare

Gum disease – avoid the nightmare

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Have you ever had that nightmare where your teeth have fallen out then you’ve woken up and checked in the mirror that they are still there?

This can become a reality unless we make sure our gums are in good health. Gum disease is the 6th most prevalent disease in the world and it’s the major cause of tooth loss in adults. It often goes unnoticed and can be present for years without diagnosis or treatment.

There are two types of gum disease: gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums and is reversible, whereas periodontal disease is inflammation of the supporting tissues of the tooth causing them to breakdown and is largely irreversible. When we talk about gum disease in the rest of this blog,I am talking about periodontal disease (the scary one nightmares are made of!)

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Your NHS questions answered

Eddie Crouch explores the issue of the corporates having an advantage when the new contract is introduced

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Among the many questions that dentists have about the impact of a reformed dental contract in England, is one about whether the corporate businesses will have an ‘edge’ when it’s introduced.

It is understandable that many may feel that the corporates, due to their size, are better equipped than the average independent practice to meet the requirements of a new contract, particularly if that turns out to be one with more emphasis on activity. However, it may not be so clear-cut that in this instance bigger is necessarily better.

I asked Eddie Crouch to explore the issue and whether the post-reform playing field really will be level…Read More

Planning for growth

Advice for preparing to grow your business with Carol Groombridge

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Carol draws on more than 10 years of experience as a dental consultant to share her top tips for preparing your dental practice if you are planning to grow. She talks about all the things to consider before you go for growth, the importance of having a clear plan and reasons why involving the team can be instrumental to your success.Read More


The Big Interview: Tony Kilcoyne

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A few months after his election to the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee (PEC), we caught up with Tony Kilcoyne to find out whether he can offer the same outspoken voice to the profession from the inside as he often has done as an outsider. We also discussed the powers of the BDA to effect change and influence politics, contract reform and the capability of the GDC to change…

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Discussing CSR

Mark Topley explains how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) benefits the community but also your practice.

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Mark talks to Nigel Jones about why CSR should be a fundamental part of every business and dispels the myth that it is only relevant to big corporations. He explains how focusing on CSR within your practice can increase both patient and team engagement, the positive impact it can have on your business as a whole and how to begin forming a CSR policy.
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Do's and Dont's of working with a designer

Top tips for working with your designer!

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Getting the best out of a designer means working in partnership, being prepared to challenge your pre-conceptions and listening to the experts. Practice Plan’s Design Team Manager, Nick Powell shares his list of do’s and don’ts.Read More

Prototype feedback

Does the prototype feedback offer optimism for the future?

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The latest results from the NHS Confidence Monitor survey revealed deep unhappiness among dentists in the NHS, and that the majority are considering leaving. Similarly, research carried out by the BDA found comparable results.

In light of this, I met Eddie Crouch, vice-chair of the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee, to discuss whether contract reform and the experience of those in the prototypes offers any hope of alleviating these feelings and instilling more confidence about the future of NHS dentistry.Read More

Jasmine discusses what her generation think the future of dentistry looks like

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Dental foundation trainee, Jasmine Lobo shares her thoughts on how the reality of working in dentistry compares to her expectations before graduation. She talks about the choices faced by young dentists when it comes to planning for the future and touches on the way her peer group feel about working within the NHS.
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