Get your website working for you

Myke Woollett explains what makes a good website

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Myke explains the fundamentals of a good dental practice website and helps to de-mystify the “dark art” of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  He talks about how to establish meaningful marketing metrics for your website from which you can improve performance.Read More
Ch ch ch changes

Making changes in your new practice

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Suki Singh, Regional Support Manager for the North at Practice Plan, shares his tips for implementing changes after buying a new practice.Read More

Avoid a new year shock to your finances

Avoid a new year shock to your finances as HMRC roll-out tax payment changes

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With 2018 now in full swing, many dentists have turned their attention to their personal and career aspirations in the coming 12 months, from owning their own dental practice to investing in new technology and specialist dental equipment. Inevitably, the ability to astutely plan and manage your finances can ultimately mean the difference between achieving a solid foundation for growth, or effectively having one hand tied behind your back.Read More

Why you should use a plan provider

Kerrie Hibbert explains why you should use a plan provider

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Introducing a membership plan at the heart of your private practice will not only provide you with the security of a regular cash flow, but your patients with the best way to package their maintenance care – making it an easy choice for them and encouraging them to visit more regularly. As a result, those practices looking to move from the NHS to private practice often see this as a very attractive and safe option to success.

So, what are the benefits of using a plan provider to administer your plan as opposed to doing it yourself and, more importantly, what should you look for when selecting a provider?Read More

Dental Plans are the foundation of successful private practice

Josie Hutchings talks patient membership plans and explains why they are the foundation of private practice.

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For any small business, reaching the position of being able to generate predictable, profitable and sustainable income is high on the priority list. Not only does it reduce stress and increase confidence, but it provides a solid platform on which plans for a future can be established. On this basis alone, I frequently get asked by practices how they can achieve this position.Read More

Simon Thackeray

Simon Thackeray shares his advice for reducing the risk of complaints in your practice

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Simon chats to Nigel Jones about how the fear of litigation is on the increase within the dental profession for both private and NHS dentists. He talks about why he believes these fears are justified, how flaws in the current system play a huge role in cases being brought and steps you can take to protect yourself.Read More

Your NHS questions answered

A practice manager and owner from a prototype B practice discuss how their practice has managed the level of administration

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A lot of discussion has taken place around the financial aspect of contract reform, as well as the affect it may have on the patient care pathway. However, here we look at what changes any new contract will have on the daily administration of running an NHS practice.

Reform, if it happens, will by its nature affect the way the practice team works. With a more preventative clinical approach in place and different remuneration for capitation and activity, it’s extremely unlikely that daily practice management could remain the same. But the question remains, how much will the level of administration and, therefore, the way the practice works, change following any reform?

To find out the answer, I asked Natalie Stavri, Practice Manager, and Len D’Cruz, Practice Owner, both at Woodford Dental Centre, which was involved with the pilots and is now a prototype B practice, about their experience. Read More

Six thinking hats

Make confident decisions – put on your thinking hats

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Running a busy dental practice means challenges can be thrown up on a daily basis. Here, dental business consultant Sheila Scott explores a tried and tested technique to decide how to deal with opportunities or solve problems effectively as a team and keep your practice thriving…Read More

A unique business model

David Houston shares an insight into his unique business model

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David Houston is joint principal of a mini-corporate and successfully combines one of the largest NHS contracts in the UK with a thriving private provision within his practice. Nigel Jones caught up with him to learn more about how his business model works, the role his 34 associates take within the business and how he balances private and NHS dentistry on such a large scale.Read More


Taking the stress out of finding your next team member

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In an earlier blog I shared advice on things you can do before interviewing candidates to make the recruitment process run smoothly.

Now, I’d like to build on that by looking at how to protect yourself from the stress of running a practice with a reduced team if one of your staff decides to move on, and the best places to advertise any roles.Read More