Attending BDIA Dental Showcase

Attending the BDIA show? How to make the most of the exhibition

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If you’re thinking of making a positive change, attending the forthcoming BDIA Dental Showcase is likely to provide the inspiration you need to grow and maximise the profitability of your dental practice. The UK’s premier dental exhibition (4-6th October 2018ExCeL, London) will feature nearly 400 suppliers who will be demonstrating the products and services which could give your business an advantage over your competitors.

If you’re going to the BDIA show, here are four tips to help you to get the most out of the event.Read More

Expert advice from Myke Woollett

Explaining the basics of marketing metrics

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Digital marketing expert Myke Woollett explains the basics of marketing metrics for a typical dental practice. He discusses the reasons why you should think about marketing metrics and shares easy to implement advice about where to start.

What you’ll hear:
  • The relevance of marketing metrics in your Practice
  • How buyer behaviour impacts on your bottom-line growth
  • Advice about the best way to manage enquiries

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Why visit the hygienist

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Fran White is a dental hygienist and therapist at El-Nashar Dental Care. We asked her why it’s so important to visit the hygienist…

Some people think of the hygienist as painful and unnecessary and would rather spend those hard earned pennies on a treat like a haircut; they simply don’t feel like they need a hygiene visit as they don’t want to be told how to brush their teeth.

I’m aware that visiting the hygienist is not a popular pastime; the moans and groans I get when new patients enter my surgery confirm it. However, give me five minutes and I’ll explain why I love this job, and why good oral hygiene is an investment in your long-term health with benefits that can last a life time.Read More

Achieve our vison

How we achieve our practice’s vision

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Regional Support Manager, Suki Singh, speaks to award-winning Practice Manager Rachel Dilley, about how they work towards achieving their business’s vision… 

Town Hall Dental in Brighouse has an ambitious vision – to be the premier dental practice in the North of England. It’s an aspirational aim, but the practice is proving they are up to the challenge, it has over 100 five-star reviews from patients on social media, 92% treatment uptake and last year won the UK Best Patient Care at the Dentistry Awards.

I meet with Rachel on a regular basis to discuss new ideas, track progress and brainstorm, and I know that creating positive memorable patient experiences and remaining focused on this overarching vision has been key to their success. Working with trusted providers and building strong business relationships is also important, and one of the steps Rachel took to ensure they are continually achieving their vision was to swap plan providers.

I asked Rachel to share her story so far…Read More

your questions answered

Where is the best place to begin when considering a diary zoning system?

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This is a question that we often get asked to advise on, particularly by practice managers who are looking for a system that will ease the day-to-day running of the practice. Appointment zoning does exactly that, providing a structure for the front desk team to better manage the clinicians’ time which increases efficiency, making the entire team less stressed and enhancing the experience for patients.

The fact we are regularly asked this question suggests many people recognise the benefits of zoning the diary, but simply don’t know where to begin. It can be tricky to introduce new changes or different processes into a practice, particularly when it comes to something so integral to the daily management, like the appointment book, and the fear of disruption or doing it wrong can sometimes hold people back.Read More

5 steps you should take with new starters

Five steps you should take with new starters

Janet Edwards HR and Team Development, Practice Management Leave a Comment

Janet Edwards, HR Manager at Practice Plan explains the right processes to have in place when it comes to integrating a new team member.

Even the most self-confident of people may experience some form of anxiety during their first few weeks at work. First impressions count and a planned induction programme is the most effective way to help someone settle in and adjust to their new environment, whilst providing a warm welcome to your practice. It will also give you a chance to identify any training needs to support your new member and give them a sense of belonging.

With this in mind, here are a few key things to ensure you cover in your practice induction.Read More

Expert advice from Ashley Latter

Why dentists find discussing fees challenging

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Ashley Latter explains the reasons why many dentists find it difficult to discuss fees with patients. He suggests easy to implement ways to overcome these difficulties and illustrates what can happen if you don’t.

What you’ll hear:
  • Why Dentists find talking fees challenging
  • Reasons why 90% of patients don’t buy on price
  • The danger to your nett profit by reducing the fees in your head
  • How to feel more comfortable discussing fees with self confidence

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