Losing money

Four ways your dental practice could be losing money, and how to fix it

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The dental industry is a dynamic sector characterised by growth and increased investor activity in recent years. Analysis conducted by IBIS World has revealed that the overall UK dental market size in revenue terms was £6.7bn in the UK in 2017-18 and forecasted to grow at approximately 1.1% per annum over the next five years, up from 0.5% annual growth during the preceding five-year period.

An ageing population and an increased public understanding of the importance of good dental hygiene have stimulated demand for advances in traditional treatments and cosmetic dentistry which is increasingly profitable. The dental market landscape is clearly changing and diversifying. But is your practice in pole position to take advantage of emerging opportunities or missing out on potentially lucrative revenue streams?

This blog will highlight four areas where your dental practice could be losing money and what actions you can take to maximise efficiency and your profit levels.Read More

An interview with Barry Oulton

Understand and improve the way you communicate with this NLP model

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Barry Oulton, dentist and communication expert, talks about the benefits of better understanding the way you communicate. He explains a Neuro-Linguistic Programming model that can help you achieve this.

What you’ll hear:
  • The importance of good communication
  • Examples of why it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it
  • Details about how being congruent is essential for great communication

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Associate employment status change – what owners and associates need to know

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Neil Richardson, Senior Financial Consultant at Wesleyan explains the potential implications of the associate employment status review on practice and associate finances…

The HMRC review into the employment status of associates is likely to have far-reaching consequences on both practices and practitioners. From new contracts to implications on individual and commercial finances, the review could mean some of the biggest changes to the sector for decades.Read More

Should I take the lease or buy the freehold

Thomas Coates discusses your options when buying a practice

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Buying a dental practice is one of the biggest decisions you are likely to face in your career. It is not just a significant investment monetarily but also in terms of your time, effort and responsibility.

The decision of whether to become a practice owner or not brings with it several other questions, one of which is whether to take a lease or buy the freehold. It is not straightforward and can be a confusing time especially for those unfamiliar with the legalese and the process. To gain more clarity on this aspect of buying a practice, I asked specialist solicitor Thomas Coates: When buying a practice, should I take a lease or buy the freehold?Read More

The changing role of dental therapists and hygienists

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Helen Minnery, president of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT), talks about how the roles of therapists and hygienists have changed over a number of years and what the next stages of change will include. She also discusses how the BSDHT and other professional bodies work together for the benefit of the profession.

What you’ll hear:
  • Historical changes to the roles, including the impact of direct access in 2013
  • How the BSDHT have been key to these changes
  • Details of a joint project with the British Association of Dental Therapists for exemptions

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Infographic showing patients how dentists check for head and neck cancer

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Are your patients aware of the risk of mouth, head and neck cancer, do they know that they receive a full oral screening during their examination?

As November is mouth cancer awareness month, we are sharing our visual guide to help you raise awareness and show them exactly what you do. It is great for starting conversations about self-examination and mouth cancer warning signs to watch out for too.Read More

NHS dentistry is done

‘NHS dentistry is done, it’s just waiting for someone to turn off the life support’

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That’s quite a bold statement, but judging from the results of the latest NHS Confidence Monitor survey* it could be one that many can understand – if not, concur with. It came from Stephen Hudson, a dentist who left the NHS and author of ‘The Stressed Dentist’s Guide to Dental Law’.

I interviewed Stephen to find out his experience of practising dentistry and his thoughts on what the survey results suggest about the state of the profession today. You can access the full results here, but to give you an insights into what they reveal – NHS respondents to the survey reported feeling unhappy in relation to seven aspects of their work such as remuneration, work/life balance and job satisfaction, compared to private dentists who felt much happier in these areas.

All dentists, whether NHS or private, reported some level of anxiety around the risk of complaints and litigation – although the latter were much less anxious. The vast majority of NHS respondents said they don’t see themselves operating in the NHS within five years’ time, with almost a quarter of those planning to leave the profession entirely.

Within that context, it is perhaps unsurprising that a practising dentist like Stephen, who is also qualified in dental law and ethics, feels the way they do. Read the full interview with Stephen below…Read More

Bad breath

The tyranny of bad breath

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For most, bad breath isn’t something that particularly worries or concerns us. We may notice that our mouths occasionally feel a little stale in the morning and we might be aware that our breath isn’t quite at its best after eating a spicy meal. For the majority of the population, these occasions are transient and are easily dealt with by our normal oral hygiene routines. For some people though, bad breath is more than merely a passing concern, it is an on-going problem and one which causes much anguish and plays havoc with their everyday lives.Read More

Employment Law Update

The latest developments in Employment and HR Law

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Employment and HR specialist, Sarah Buxton shares details of the latest changes to Employment Law and how these impact practices and teams.

What you’ll hear:
  • Recent changes with regards to parental bereavement leave
  • The consequences to employers of not understanding these changes
  • Steps an employer can take to protect themselves
  • Details of other changes on the horizon

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Patient journey part 2

The patient journey – part two

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Les: Hi Nigel, so we’re here to pick up from our first blog on the patient journey. If you remember,

last time, we talked about building your reputation as a dental practice, your marketing and your website, and referrals. All the types of things that get a patient into the practice. So to move along the journey some more it would be good if we could discuss the first time a patient gets in touch with the practice in response to some of that marketing material.

Let’s just start with the patient’s first contact which could be a couple of ways I suppose. Firstly, a telephone call or email and then possibly actually calling into the practice. In fact that initial telephone call is extremely important in terms of whether that enquiry turned into an actual patient in the chair or it kind of just drifts off in the breeze somewhere.Read More