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What next for NHS dentistry?

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This is the question that, following years of under-funding, under-resourcing and increasing regulation, many have been asking for a long time. There has been a feeling among the profession for a while that things need to change. But how that will happen and who will drive it, is not clear-cut.

Some may be hoping the reformed contract due to be rolled out from April next year, will be a catalyst for the change they’ve been waiting for. However, so much is still unknown about what reform will actually look like that it can be difficult to know whether, if they continue to wait, they will be rewarded or if they will still be facing similar issues.  

It can be seen as a sign of how uncertain dentists feel about what the profession will be faced with from 2020 onwards, that 100 turned up to a panel discussion looking for the answer(s) to that question. The discussion between the panel members – Eddie Crouch, Vice-chair of the BDA; Ian Redfearn, owner of a prototype A practice; Paul Worskett, owner of a prototype B practice; and George Savva, owner of a mixed practice – as well as questions posed by the audience, revealed what is particularly troubling the profession about their future.Read More

Why I've changed my mind

Why I’ve changed my mind about a career in the NHS…

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Nigel Jones speaks to Jasmine Lobo about her experience of beginning a career in NHS dentistry and why she feels the need for a back-up plan for her career…

The retention of dentists in the NHS may be seen as one of the biggest challenges facing the profession. Repeated surveys* show that the majority of dentists don’t see themselves working in the NHS within five years’ time.

One particularly troubling aspect of this issue is that it is not just restricted to those who have been at the coal-face for a long time and, some might say, have earned their right to feel jaded and weary. It feels like there are more and more stories of younger dentists who are reaching this point within the first few years of embarking on their career.Read More

Expert advice from Ashley Latter

How to overcome fee objections

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Dealing with price objections can be extremely challenging, especially when a patient is shopping around.  Ashley Latter shares proven strategies to help you develop your unique selling points and increase your case acceptance without having to compromise on fees.

What you’ll hear:
  • The importance of showing empathy with patients who present cheaper options
  • Questions to establish if a quote really is ‘like for like’
  • How to promote your unique selling points.

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April 2020

A date for the new contract, but will anything change?

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In April 2020, the reformed NHS dental contract will come into force, and many will be wondering whether the changes this will bring are the kind the profession so desperately needs, while others will question whether they can rely on the Government for this level of transformation.

Some may be sceptical that this date will not be pushed back. However, it was confirmed late last year that after years of testing through a pilot scheme and then a prototype programme, the contract will begin being rolled out from April 2020.Read More

BUiling the referral side of your business

How can I build up the referral side of my business

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This is something our regional support managers are often asked, especially since building the referral side of your business will support the growth and sustainability of your dental practice.

A personal recommendation is a powerful tool in bringing new patients to your door and a cost-effective way of generating additional income. Most practices know this of course, but many still struggle with how to harness the power of patient referrals and maximise this revenue stream.

They recognise the potential it has for the growth and profitability of the practice, but just aren’t sure what the best steps are for increasing their referrals.

To shed some light on this topic, we turned to dental business coach, Chris Barrow.Read More

Tax Time

Struggling to pay your January tax bill? Five tips to reduce the stress

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With Christmas now a distant memory, it’s that time of year again. The deadline for filing your self-assessment tax return online for the tax year ending 5 April 2018 is rapidly approaching.

According to statistics published by Hargreaves Lansdown, last year more than 15,000 people filed their tax return between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. If this wasn’t you, don’t despair, the chances are you’ll be among the millions who typically leave it late to pay their tax bill which must be completed before midnight on 31 January 2019.

To coin a common phrase, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. However, it’s common for high-earning professionals, including time-poor dentists, to be caught out by confusing and unexpectedly large tax liabilities.Read More

Target your audience

Writing for your target audience

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How much do you consider your audience when you create a marketing campaign, or even a poster or flyer?

Every marketing campaign should be targeted towards a particular type of person. Do you know who you are trying to talk to, or do you fall into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone in the hope that if you cast your net wide enough, hordes of new patients will come walking through your door?

If this is the case then it’s probably more likely that you’re missing the mark entirely by producing safe, ‘on the fence’ messages that won’t capture anyone’s attention. People are more likely to dismiss or ignore more general marketing messages assuming they don’t relate to them.Read More

Your questions answered

Sarah Buxton explains what you need to consider when an employee is expecting

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HR issues are a topic that we get asked about on a fairly regular basis as many practices are keen to ensure they’re abiding by the law. And how best to manage pregnant employees and their maternity leave is one of the most popular questions that comes up.

Understandably, practice owners and managers are keen to ensure the wellbeing of their pregnant staff, and that they are offering them the right kind of support during this time. Being clear on the legal requirements can also help to make the process as stress-free and smooth as possible. To provide that clarity I asked specialist solicitor Sarah Buxton: What is the best approach to managing the maternity leave process?Read More

Expert advice from Lisa Bainham

Handling complaints in practice

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Lisa shares her best practises on how to deal with complaints to prevent them from escalating. She discusses the importance of being prepared and how it is important to learn from any complaints you do receive to improve your practice procedures.

What you’ll hear:
  • The role of the team in spotting and handling complaints
  • The importance of listening to and reacting to each complaint individually
  • How you can learn from a complaint
  • The benefits of following up a complaint with an invitation to talk it though.

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