Is your business sleepwalking in to CQC failure?

Nicki Rowland explains how to keep on top of CQC regulations

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Listen to this episode of Bodcast to gain a greater understanding of how CQC inspections have changed. Business consultant, Nicki Rowland gives an insight into the main failings with inspections at present and the subsequent challenges faced by practice managers.

What you’ll hear today:
  • How the CQC inspection has changed and what the new regime means
  • Why and how the dental team are expected to work within an ‘executive’ capacity
  • Details of the main failings within current inspections
  • The struggles practice managers are facing within compliance.
About Nicki Rowland

Nicki RowlandNicki Rowland is a Business Consultant working with dental practices, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm to help them survive and grow. Having worked as a practice manager for nine years, Nicki has first-hand experience in the dental industry.





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