Benefits of zoning your appointment book

Lisa Bainham explains why you should zone your appointment book

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With 18 years experience as practice manager at The Old Surgery in Crewe, Lisa Bainham is well placed to share tried and tested methods to help you fully utilise your appointment book. She explains the benefits of zoning appointments and how little changes can improve working life for everyone in the practice as well as have a positive impact on your patient experience.

What you’ll hear today:
  • How The Old Surgery manages its appointment book and how changes are implemented
  • The benefits of zoning your appointment book
  • What a practice manager needs to be aware of when implementing changes
  • The importance of ensuring all the team are on board and how to achieve this.
About Lisa Bainham:

Lisa BainhamLisa began her career as a Dental Nurse in 1993 and, after qualifying, joined Steve Lomas in 1998 who was setting up a new practice in Crewe. She had aspirations to follow a managerial role and this provided her with the perfect opportunity. 18 years on she is now President of ADAM.





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