Stress levels high

Dental charity responds to stressed dentist statistics

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The results from our latest NHS Confidence Monitor Survey of over 400 NHS and private dentists revealed that those working in the NHS are overly stressed and anxious. 89% said they were unhappy – including 54% who were ‘very unhappy’ – about their ability to carry out work without feeling overly stressed.

72% were unhappy about their ability to achieve a good work/life balance and 95% were anxious about the risk of complaints/litigation – 45% were extremely anxious in this area. In contrast, private dentists were much happier about all aspects of their working life compared to when they were working in the NHS, although 67% were also anxious about the risk of complaints/litigation.

We turned to Professor Ros Keeton, Chairman of the BDA Benevolent Fund, a charity that helps dental students, dentists and their families deal with a range of issues including stress and anxiety, for her thoughts on the survey results…Read More

Practice Plan meets Diane Youdale

Former Gladiator, turned business coach, talks leadership and managing change

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In the nineties, she was a star of Saturday night TV as Jet in The Gladiators. For the past 20 years Diane Youdale (AKA Jet) has been a coaching mentor to businesses and individuals, working with hundreds of people from a range of professions. Practice Plan was delighted to catch up with Diane to find out her advice on stress, change and people management…

Read More

How your practice can support Mouth Cancer Action Month

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Despite everyone’s best efforts, mouth cancer is still on the increase.  In the UK more than 7000 people were diagnosed last year.  It is estimated that about 60,000 people will be diagnosed over the next decade and it remains a cancer which is predicted to increase further in the coming years.

Throughout November, dental health and oral cancer charities, dentists, doctors and pharmacies unite to educate members of the general public about a disease that kills more people in the UK than cervical and testicular cancers combined.

Mouth Cancer Action Month aims to raise awareness and make a difference by saving lives through early detection and prevention.  As one of the UK’s leading mouth cancer charities, here at the Mouth Cancer Foundation we promote Bite Back at Mouth Cancer, which encourages everyone to know how to check themselves for mouth cancer at least once a month, and become more aware of any changes occurring around the mouth, head and neck areas.

Bite back at Mouth Cancer

Is your organisation holding a screening this November?

Many dentists and hospitals plan fundraising and awareness-raising activities during Mouth Cancer Action Month.  These range from screening days in practice to displays in waiting areas, mouth cancer talks, merchandise and cake sales.  If you are a dental professional, join us in the battle against head and neck cancers by warning patients to the dangers of tobacco use and alcohol consumption, screening patients for mouth cancer and stressing the importance of regular dental checks.

If you are a dental practice holding a free mouth cancer screening this Mouth Cancer Action Month, we have free downloadable posters available here.  Simply print out and display the poster to notify the general public when the screenings will take place.

Get your mouth cancer facts for free

As part of our ongoing commitment to raise awareness of mouth cancer, the charity has a variety of FREE leaflets and posters which dentists can display in their practice waiting rooms.

For the full range of what we offer, visit our website and then get in touch and make the most of getting the message through this November.  Let’s work together to make this year’s Mouth Cancer Action Month count.

Are you mouth cancer aware?

How well do you know your mouth?

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More than 1,800 people lose their lives to mouth cancer each year in the UK and it is believed that many of these people could be saved if the cancer had been diagnosed and treated sooner.

Your dentist will perform a full oral health screening during each appointment but with early diagnosis being vital, it is important to know your own mouth and to check it yourself on a regular basis. Anyone can be affected by mouth cancer, even if you wear dentures, if you smoke or drink alcohol then the risk is increased.

Below we have provided a guide so you know what to look for and the best way to check. It is simple and only takes  a couple of minutes. That is time well spent if it saves your life!Read More

Kenny Barr

Switching plan provider gave me the support I need for my practice’s future

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We decided to leave our existing plan provider as we were no longer confident in their long-term future. I already knew of Practice Plan’s professional standing and I have known Jayne, one of their Regional Support Managers, from her many years in the industry, so they were my first port of call.

Within a month of deciding to make the switch we had sent out a letter to all our patients, explaining the change, and what it meant for them. Of course, any time you introduce change it has the potential to upset some people and as a practice owner and principal I was concerned to a degree about how some patients might react.Read More

Understanding Employment Tribunals

Sarah Buxton talks about changes to Employment Tribunal claims

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There have been some changes in how claims are awarded in Employment Tribunals. This Bodcast with Employment Law specialist, Sarah Buxton, takes you through the changes and how they impact dental practice owners. Read More

Managing personality conflicts in a small team

Advice for managing personality conflicts in a small team

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Zoe Close, Area Sales Manager at Practice Plan, uses her 14 years’ experience as a practice manager to share her guidance on how to tackle personality clashes in the workplace…Read More

What is the impact of the prototype blends on those practices involved?

Ben Atkins shares his experience as a director of a prototype blend B practice

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Since April 2016 two different blends of remuneration have been tested out by practices (a total of 80 are currently involved) as part of the contract reform process. The difference lies in the proportion of care that is covered by capitation and activity.

To get more insight into the real impact of these blends on a practice, here, we have asked a dentist from a blend B practice about their experience. We will also be asking a dentist from a blend A practice for their insight in a future column.Read More

Bulletproof HR advice for your practice

Bulletproof HR advice for your practice

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HR and employment law Solicitor, Sarah Buxton, is the latest expert in dentistry to share her expertise and advice with practice managers and business owners.

The age-old phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ has no better use than here. If you’re a practice manager or business owner, having to recruit a new member of staff or let go of a current one can be a taxing situation, but taking advice before you act can save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long term.

You need to consider the CQC and employment law when you’re faced with recruiting and terminating staff; if they’re not on your radar, then they should be! Failure to adhere to them can be costly for a business, so make sure that you have access to updated CQC requirements and are implementing them successfully.Read More

What are the prototype practices saying?

Eddie Crouch discusses current feedback coming from the prototype practices

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Vice Chair of the British Dental Association Principal Executive Committee, Eddie Crouch talks to Nigel Jones about the current feedback coming from prototype practices about NHS contract reform. They discuss the potential time scales for change and consider what will happen if the proposed changes are proven to be unsuitable.Read More