Responding to social media comments

A quick guide to responding to people via social media

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The rise of social media has given dental practices and their employees the opportunity to reach patients and online communities with timely updates and information, at the click of a button.

While this can be helpful, it is important to remember that patients and other followers can also use these channels to communicate with you – or about you – in a positive or negative way.

As these responses and updates are usually publicly viewable, it is important that you reply or acknowledge as many of these as possible to protect – or even enhance – your brand. With this in mind, we’re sharing seven top tips on how to respond and react to customer messages:Read More


I felt like I was on an NHS treadmill…now I am enjoying my work again

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Eighty-six per cent of NHS dentists don’t see themselves operating within the NHS in five years’ time, according to the latest NHS Confidence Monitor survey. Almost 500 NHS and private dentists filled in the survey which also showed that 48% of those who are thinking of leaving the NHS are planning to move to private dentistry.

Louise Hunter, owner of Louise Hunter & Associates in Northumberland, was in a similar position to those 48% – working in the NHS but wanting to change to private practice. In 2017 she made the move, and below she shares her story, including her concerns, how she overcame them and the difference it has made…Read More

Your questions answered

How can NHS dentists take more control over their practice’s future?

Zoe Close NHS Dental Landscape Leave a Comment

One of the recurring themes of the recent Confidence Monitor survey that Practice Plan carried out among dentists was that NHS dentists believe their future is in the hands of a government that they don’t feel has their best interests at heart.

For the survey, both NHS and private dentists answered a variety of questions asking how they feel about working in the profession. They were also given the option of writing down how they feel. Many of the NHS dentists expressed disillusionment in the government’s intentions and feeling they were being left with little option about their future.

As an example, some of the comments said: ‘I feel there is pressure from NHS England on dentists to leave NHS dentistry. Dentists aren’t supported to remain…I don’t so much plan to leave the NHS but feel I will be pushed to it over the next five years.’, ‘I really think general practice will have no financial incentive to remain in the NHS very soon, and that is a very deliberate long-term ploy by successive governments to push us out, where the blame will lie with greedy dentists’, and ‘I know so many dentists driven out of the country to seek work abroad, leaving behind loyal patients, friends and family, because they have been forced into this move by the diabolical UDA contract.’

Looking through the comments there is a real sense that NHS dentists really do not feel they are in charge of their own future, and that they are being ‘pushed out’ of the NHS, and potentially out of the profession as a whole. Given this, I asked Alun Rees, a former practice owner turned business coach: How can NHS dentists take more control over their practice’s future?Read More

Expert advice from Zoe Close

The benefits of having a dental plan provider

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Zoe Close discusses the benefits to your business and your patients of providing a dental plan in your practice. She also talks about the additional support that a plan provider can offer with regards to legislation and helping you to grow your business.

What you’ll hear:
  • How a dental plan can build patient loyalty
  • The benefits to patients when they become a plan member
  • The ways in which a plan provider can help you grow your practice.

Read More

In focus

Putting your practice images in focus

Laura Hodgin Marketing and Design Leave a Comment

Have you thought about the images you use on your various platforms such as your printed marketing communications, social media or website?

Badly considered images could be costing your practice new patients by being a poor reflection of you and your services. Here’s our guide to selecting images and the best places to use them to help you gain patients rather than lose them.Read More

Expert advice from Les Jones

Issues you’re overlooking in practice

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Les Jones discusses the possibility that your patients see things differently to you when it comes to the ‘little things’ you’ve learned to live with in practice. He talks about the potential damage this could be doing to your business and how to address it.

What you’ll hear:
  • Examples of things you might be overlooking
  • The impact an unresolved issue can have on a patient
  • Advice on how to look at your practice as a patient would
  • The importance of involving the full team in taking responsibility for resolving issues.

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Buying a practice in 2019

Buying a practice in 2019? Five major trends you can’t afford to ignore

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Things change fast in dentistry. Remaining ahead of the curve when buying a dental practice is a bit like trying to keep up with Usain Bolt in a 100 metre race. Without a considerable head start, the chances are you’ll soon be overtaken due to the speed in which the market has evolved, particularly during the last five years.

The main catalysts for change have been characterised by the emergence of a new breed of purchaser, more caution displayed towards the NHS, a greater appetite for the private sector and soaring practice sales. With continued uncertainty around Brexit, pricing and deal structures varying significantly and rising competition levels, it’s difficult to predict how the dental sector will look in two years time, let alone five.

However, if you are considering buying a practice in 2019 there are five major trends that you can’t afford to ignore in pursuit of owning your dream business.Read More

Do you need a rebrand?

5 easy ways to tell if you need to consider rebranding

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How you brand your practice (through your logo, marketing literature and décor) is essential in making the right connection and impression with your target audience. But is your branding truly reflecting the personality and positioning of your practice?

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the ‘red flags’ you need to watch out for if your branding is hindering rather than supporting the success of your business:Read More