In Conversation with John Milne

Discussing patient care with John Milne

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Nigel Jones and John Milne, Senior Dental Adviser to the CQC have a frank and wide ranging conversation about patient care in dentistry today.

What you’ll hear:
  • How the involvement of the CQC in dentistry has affected patient care
  • The effects of regulation on patient care
  • Ensuring vulnerable groups receive a high level of care

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In conversation with Joe Hendron

Why I resigned from the prototype programme

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Nigel Jones talks to Joe Hendron about his decision to withdraw his practice from the prototype programme earlier this year and why he also decided to write an open letter to Jeremy Hunt explaining the reasons why.

What you’ll hear:
  • Why Joe decided to withdraw from the prototype programme
  • The personal and professional costs he came across by taking part in the programme
  • Joe’s views on NHS dentistry and the future of contract reform

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Code for success

Brave new dentistry – a code for success

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Smileworks dental practice in Liverpool has carved out a unique niche by basing its entire approach on the experience of flying first-class. From the team uniforms, to the airplane seats in the waiting room and the job titles, the practice aims to elevate the patient experience to that of a luxury flight. 

Here, First Officer, and digital marketer, Ed Challinor shares how 1980s computer coding inspired him to map out each stage of the practice’s patient experience and build each marginal gain into major success…  Read More

Your Questions answered

Chris Barrow talks about how you can increase patient referrals

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A personal recommendation is a powerful tool in bringing new patients to your door and a cost-effective way of generating additional income. Most practices know this of course, but many still struggle with how to harness the power of patient referrals and maximise this revenue stream.

I, and my colleagues who are visiting dental practices, are often asked how they can improve this side of their business. They recognise the potential it has for the growth and profitability of the practice, but just aren’t sure what the best steps are for increasing their referrals. To shed some light on this topic, I   turned to dental business coach, Chris Barrow, and asked him: What are the most effective ways of building up the patient referral side of my business?Read More


“Since moving to private I have increased the amount of time I spend with patients and the type of service I can offer.” – Ann-Marie Bard

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My parents had worked in the NHS and I’d also worked in the NHS for 20 years, so it’s something I really believe in. However, with funding becoming tighter and tighter and costs increasing, alongside the uncertainty around contract reform and how difficult they could be to fulfil, I had to consider an alternative.Read More

Protect yourself from the threat of litigation

How you can protect yourself from the rising threat of litigation

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Tina Wixon, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan, talks to Tracey Jarrett, a practising dentist who holds a Master Dental Law and Ethics degree, about the rise of litigation and the importance of consent and having the time needed with patients…

The risk of complaints and litigation against dentists is not only ever-present but also increasing. A report* last year revealed that in 2014 the GDC received 3,099 FtP complaints and referrals, an increase of 4% on the previous year. The report also stated that this represented only a quarter of the 12,000 dental-related complaints made to organisations such as the CQC, NHS England and the Dental Complaints Service.

In light of these figures, and additional statistics from Practice Plan’s Dental Confidence Monitor survey which showed the majority of NHS (95%) and private (67%) dentists have some level of anxiety about the risk of complaints/litigation, I spoke to Tracey Jarrett, a practising dentist who is one of the first cohort to complete a Masters of Dental Law and Ethics degree.Read More


The power of community to relieve dental pain

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Bridge2Aid works in Tanzania – a country with a population of 56 million people and just 495 dental professionals, that’s just one to every 113,000 people. The UK ratio is one dentist to every 2,000 people. Statistics can sometimes be hard to grasp but these tell a straightforward story, one of very poor communities for whom the idea of being treated by a dentist is an impossible dream.

But, what does this mean in reality?Read More

The value a TCO brings

The value treatment coordinators bring to our practice

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Suki Singh, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan, speaks to Rachel Dilley, Practice Manager, about how they incorporate the treatment coordinator role into their team…

Treatment coordinators (TCOs) have worked in dentistry since the eighties, and yet for some there is still scepticism around the value they bring to a practice. I caught up with Rachel Dilley, Practice Manager at Town Hall Dental, Winners of the 2017 UK Best Patient Care at the Dentistry Awards. Rachel is a passionate advocate of TCOs and told us more about their approach and the benefits they have brought to both the business and patients.Read More