Your website: the window to your business – How to stand out on Google

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Your website acts like an online window to your business but how can you make sure you’re standing out on Google? In this episode of Bodcast, host Branding and Communications Manager, Sian Grace talks to Google Consultant Naz Haque about how to optimise your website and drive traffic there to attract new patients.

All roads lead to your website

How to improve the performance of your website

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Attracting new patients is one of the greatest challenges for most dental practices. It’s a competitive world out there and consumers are more fickle than they have ever been. What’s more, they are increasingly making decisions in a shorter space of time, based more on a gut feeling than an analysis and assessment of the facts. Now, let’s imagine a …

10 tips to boost your website presence

Ten Tips to Increase Your Dental Practice’s Website Presence

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No one chooses a new dentist these days without first checking out their website; it’s convenient and not time restrictive. As a result, having a strong dental practice website presence becomes more and more important. Read on to discover Practice Plan’s ten tips to increase your dental practice website presence: