HR policies – Grievance procedures

HR policies – How to deal with grievances in your dental practice

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Discover Employment and HR Solicitor, Sarah Buxton’s advice on how to deal with grievances in your dental practice in this episode of Bodcast. In it, Sarah is joined by host, Area Sales Manager, Zoe Close, to share her guidance on the best way to investigate a grievance to avoid a subsequent employment tribunal claim.

How to deal with maternity in your dental practice

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In today’s episode of Bodcast, host Zoe Close catches up with HR Solicitor Sarah Buxton on how to deal with maternity in your dental practice. For those looking to develop a greater understanding of the statutory framework and rules applicable to pregnant employees, as well as those taking and returning from maternity leave, this podcast is well worth a listen.

6 secrets to successful recruitment

Successfully recruiting for your dental practice

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There are numerous reasons why, as a dental practice owner, you may need to recruit. Whatever the reason, recruitment can be costly, time consuming and not without risks of litigation. It’s therefore important that the process is undertaken carefully to ensure that you recruit (and keep) that ultimate team member. Here, HR Solicitor and Director at FTA Law, Sarah Buxton, takes you …

Employment Law – Key things you need to know

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Today’s host Zoe Close, Area Sales Manager at Practice Plan continues to delve into important topics surrounding practice management and team development in her interview with HR solicitor, Sarah Buxton. Covering the key things you need to know about employment law you’ll hear Sarah’s valuable advice the key questions practice managers and owners are asking.