Building up a successful private practice

Building up a successful private dental practice

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Simon Thackeray draws on more than 10 years of experience in private dentistry to offer unmissable advice for building a successful private practice. He talks frankly and honestly about the worries he faced in the beginning and the importance of seeking expert advice. He looks at how critical a strong team is and finally the way his practice has evolved …

Is a move from NHS to private dentistry more viable than you think?

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Making a move away from the NHS to a fully private practice is a proposition that many NHS contract holders find very attractive and yet, most choose to continue to accept the pressures they feel come with the delivery of an NHS contract because they consider the risks of making the move away to be too great. However, the reality …

Reasons to go private

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Most dentists considering a move from the NHS to private dentistry do so because their current situation has become unworkable, so they are looking to move away from the financial and time pressures they face every day. It stands to reason then that they focus on this ‘moving away from a stressful situation’ rather than visualising and focusing on what …