Will the new NHS contract help therapists utilise their full scope of practice

Helen Minnery talks about the impact the new NHS contract could have on the wider dental team

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A lot of the debates and discussion so far around contract reform has focused on the impact it will have on dentists. Yet, of course, whatever changes might be coming to the profession will affect the entire team – and could alter the shape of the workforce. How exactly that would look remains to be seen. It could mean modifications …

How Likely is the introduction of time-limited contracts

Judith Husband talks about the likelihood of the introduction of time-limited contracts within the new NHS contract.

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The idea of time-limited contracts was proposed by the Government two years ago as a way of improving market competition and efficiency. A source of much debate since then, we asked Judith Husband, who has first-hand experience of working within a time-limited contract, for her thoughts on the question:

Paul Worskett, shares his views on how the issue of patient charge revenue is being addressed in the new contract

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Patient charges have risen, but the same cannot be said for contract values. And, alongside the growing gap between UDA values and these charges, it can be a balancing act. Here, we ask Paul Worskett, a principal dentist who has been running one of the NHS prototype practices, whether he thinks contract reform will have any impact on this issue.

Planning for the future: Sara Hurley speaks out

Planning for the future: the CDO speaks out…

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On 12th June, the Chief Dental Officer (CDO) for England, Sara Hurley, brought together key stakeholders in dentistry to be transparent about the department’s work, to open the lines of communication, and to support efforts to improve oral health on a national basis.

CDO briefing day

Office of the CDO explained

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The office of the CDO called a briefing day last month to bring clarity to what the office is responsible for, what they are focusing on and what they’ve a achieved so far. The agenda included: Smile4Life NHS England structure, responsibilities and relationship to OCDO Leading the change Innovation and improvement Digital transformation

Office of the CDO and guests discussion panel

The Office of the CDO and guests discussion panel – 12th June 2017

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The Office of the Chief Dental Officer England brought together a panel of leading members within NHS England, Public Health England, CQC, BDA, Health Education England and the Department of Health on 12th June 2017, to answer the most asked questions on NHS dentistry. And you can hear everything that was said in this Bodcast! Panel members included: Sara Hurley, Chief …

Will the UDA values be reviewed when the new contract comes in

Tony Kilcoyne’s views on whether the UDA values will be reviewed when the new contract comes into place

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The issue of the huge variation in UDA values in practices throughout England, and sometimes even on the same street, is one that has been challenging the dental profession for some time. While the rollout of a new contract could be the ideal opportunity for some sort of harmonisation, that seems a long way off with little incentive for Government …

When do you think the new contract will come into effect?

Eddie Crouch shares his views on when he thinks the new NHS contract will come into effect

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With no fixed timeline for the introduction of any new NHS contract, and some suggesting it could be rolled out from 2018/19, while others predicting a post-Brexit 2021 start – the lack of a set deadline is causing uncertainty in the profession. In light of this we asked Eddie Crouch for his take on the situation and when he thinks …

Exit means exit

Why you need a five-year forward view for successful retirement

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As an NHS practice owner, it’s essential that you have a five-year retirement strategy in place. Here, Area Sales Manager, Richard Scarborough examines the need to look at the situation logically, rather than emotionally, and how to maximise goodwill value to ensure your non-working life is the best it can be.