How to build trust with your dental patients

Advice on how to build trust with your dental patients

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Most people understand the importance of dental health… so why do millions of people in the UK still avoid going to the dentist? Cost and anxiety are just two of the barriers, but there are many other factors that today’s dentists need to understand in order to build trust with their dental patients. Kevin Rose, Dental Business Consultant, explains why …

The perfect way to deal with patient complaints

How to prevent and resolve patient complaints

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Business coach Dr Jane Lelean talks us through the pneumonic PERFECT complaints, with hints and tips on how to prevent and swiftly resolve any complaints that come into your dental practice so that you can focus on providing great quality treatment for your dental patients.

Les Jones

Marketing – New Patient Sale: Now On!

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Les Jones, Editor of BoD Magazine and the Marketing Director at Practice Plan, talks about marketing your practice. For most dentists, it seems the ‘need to market my practice’ penny has finally dropped. Dentistry is now a highly competitive arena and many practices are fighting an ongoing battle on two fronts – firstly to keep the patients they have in …