Responding to social media comments

A quick guide to responding to people via social media

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The rise of social media has given dental practices and their employees the opportunity to reach patients and online communities with timely updates and information, at the click of a button. While this can be helpful, it is important to remember that patients and other followers can also use these channels to communicate with you – or about you – …

Your questions answered

How can NHS dentists take more control over their practice’s future?

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One of the recurring themes of the recent Confidence Monitor survey that Practice Plan carried out among dentists was that NHS dentists believe their future is in the hands of a government that they don’t feel has their best interests at heart. For the survey, both NHS and private dentists answered a variety of questions asking how they feel about …

In focus

Putting your practice images in focus

Laura Hodgin Marketing and Design Leave a Comment

Have you thought about the images you use on your various platforms such as your printed marketing communications, social media or website? Badly considered images could be costing your practice new patients by being a poor reflection of you and your services. Here’s our guide to selecting images and the best places to use them to help you gain patients …

Expert advice from Les Jones

Issues you’re overlooking in practice

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Les Jones discusses the possibility that your patients see things differently to you when it comes to the ‘little things’ you’ve learned to live with in practice. He talks about the potential damage this could be doing to your business and how to address it. What you’ll hear: Examples of things you might be overlooking The impact an unresolved issue …

Do you need a rebrand?

5 easy ways to tell if you need to consider rebranding

Laura Weaver Marketing and Design Leave a Comment

How you brand your practice (through your logo, marketing literature and décor) is essential in making the right connection and impression with your target audience. But is your branding truly reflecting the personality and positioning of your practice? In this blog, we’ll be looking at the ‘red flags’ you need to watch out for if your branding is hindering rather …

Lost signals

What’s your signal to noise ratio?

Les Jones Marketing and Design Leave a Comment

Imagine, for a moment, that I am a prospective patient in your area looking for a new dental practice. Of course, I’m a modern consumer, so I’m not an easy catch. I’m looking around a bit – searching online, asking a few friends for referrals and checking out a few websites. Now imagine that, as I’m doing that, we managed …

Expert advice from Ashley Latter

How to overcome fee objections

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Dealing with price objections can be extremely challenging, especially when a patient is shopping around.  Ashley Latter shares proven strategies to help you develop your unique selling points and increase your case acceptance without having to compromise on fees. What you’ll hear: The importance of showing empathy with patients who present cheaper options Questions to establish if a quote really …

BUiling the referral side of your business

How can I build up the referral side of my business

Chris Barrow Practice Management Leave a Comment

This is something our regional support managers are often asked, especially since building the referral side of your business will support the growth and sustainability of your dental practice. A personal recommendation is a powerful tool in bringing new patients to your door and a cost-effective way of generating additional income. Most practices know this of course, but many still …

Sarah Jarvis

Factors to consider when selling your practice

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Sarah focuses on the key financial considerations practice owners should make when putting their dental practice on the market. She also outlines the different types of buyers in the market and discusses realistic time scales for preparing to sell. What you’ll hear: Appropriate timeframes for selling your practice and when to beginning planning The importance of a comprehensive valuation from …