Do You Know Your Numbers?

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Ashley Latter explains why it’s important to make sure you know your costs when it comes to your pricing structure. Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve been quoting a patient and, before you’ve realised what you’re doing, you’ve offered them a discount without them asking? Have you ever carried out a basic procedure free of charge because …

Phew – What A Show That Was!

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This week, guest blogger Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator at Practice Plan, joins us for a catch-up on the goings-on at The Dentistry Show. Well I wasn’t joking when I said in my pre-show blog that it would be a busy couple of days! My feet are in bits!

There’s No Business Like Show Business… And That Includes Your Business!

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Ashley Latter is at the forefront of this year’s Practice Plan Workshop Tour, sharing the secrets to ‘Perfect Communication’. The tour kicked off in Manchester with an audience of over 130 delegates. Heather Podbury, Managing Editor at FMC, was one of the lucky people to have attended the event. Here, she shares some of Ashley’s top secrets to ‘Perfect Communication’.

The Reasons Why My Hairdresser Visited Six Dental Practices – By Ashley Latter

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Ashley Latter, one of the most sought-after speakers and coaches on the UK dental scene, shares the reasons behind why his hairdresser visited six dental practices… Yesterday, I was having my haircut and I noticed my hairdresser wore some invisible braces. She was having her teeth straightened. As I work in the dental industry, I was obviously interested to learn …