How to effectively sell your membership plan

Ashley Latter shares his advice for promoting your membership plan in practice

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Ashley covers all the important things you need to think about when promoting your plan. He explains the importance of ensuring your whole team is clear why you have a plan. He covers what they need to know with regards to the advantages to the business, the team and the patients, and how it fits into your vision for the …

Six moments of truth in the patient journey

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Ashley Latter and Chris Barrow ‘step into’ the patient journey and focus on six instances which are vital to either attracting a new patient, or keeping the ones you have. Referring to these instances as ‘the moments of truth’, they offer a range of ways to help you improve these areas within your patient journey.

Create Value

Create Value

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‘Create Value’ is today’s top-tip from sales coach, Ashley Latter. Ashley’s advice is to stop using the words price, cost or fees when discussing a treatment plan, but instead to focus what the patient’s investment will be. After you have used the word investment, then tell the patient what’s included in the price. Explain to them what they get for …

Do You Know Your Numbers?

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Ashley Latter explains why it’s important to make sure you know your costs when it comes to your pricing structure. Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve been quoting a patient and, before you’ve realised what you’re doing, you’ve offered them a discount without them asking? Have you ever carried out a basic procedure free of charge because …