Keeping Pace With Opportunity

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In this week’s blog, Practice Plan‘s Sales Director Nigel Jones takes a look at how practices can take up new opportunities to help improve their practice revenue against the challenge of ever-rising costs.

A key challenge for many practices I visit is keeping a consistent, and preferably improving, revenue. Although the option of increasing both plan charges and treatment fees is a realistic consideration for many practices, this is not without its risks, so it does need some careful thought. All the more reason then to make sure other opportunities for improving revenue are not being missed.

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First Impressions – More Than Just Waiting

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Here, we discuss why first impressions really do count and offer some ideas on how you can utilise your dental practice waiting room to help increase treatment uptake in your practice.

Every day there’s an opportunity where you can communicate with your patients without overtly selling and putting pressure on them; but a way in which you can still showcase your treatment offering and open up conversations that could lead to greater treatment uptake.Read More

When 2 Become 1 – We’re Having a Spice Girls Moment!

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It’s an exciting time in the Practice Plan Design and Marketing Team at the moment (isn’t it always?).

Not only have we just launched our fantastic new website – the result of many months of hard work, development, design, writing, programming and, it has to be said… the odd tear or two – but more of that later. But we are also proud to introduce to the world our brand new, rather sexy, consolidated branding!

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There’s No Business Like Show Business… And That Includes Your Business!

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Ashley Latter is at the forefront of this year’s Practice Plan Workshop Tour, sharing the secrets to ‘Perfect Communication’. The tour kicked off in Manchester with an audience of over 130 delegates. Heather Podbury, Managing Editor at FMC, was one of the lucky people to have attended the event. Here, she shares some of Ashley’s top secrets to ‘Perfect Communication’.

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What Can We Do About People That Hate Going To The Dentist?

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Dental Business Consultant Kevin Rose shares how he believes communication is key to helping people overcome their negative perception of visiting the dentist.

It’s never a surprise that during family get-togethers you face that one inevitable question: ‘so, what are you doing these days?’ It’s never a shock that I almost always witness a negative reception to my response of the words ‘dentist’ and ‘dentistry’. So, now I’m back at my desk, I feel obliged to ponder the big question… why do some people hate going to the dentist and what can be done about it?

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It’s Marketing Time… And This Time It’s Personal!

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Les Jones, Marketing Director at Practice Plan, takes a moment to explain why a personal touch can go a long way when it comes to marketing your practice.

When a friend asks if you could possibly do them a big favour, do you find yourself preparing to say ‘yes’, even before you know what the favour is?

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The Changing Face of Communication

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Nigel Jones, Sales Director at Practice Plan, looks at the topics that arise in his visits to practices. This month he discusses the changing face of communication with patients and how to embrace the use of technology and incorporate it into your dental practice.

With most practices seemingly having to work harder to attract new patients and to maintain appropriate levels of treatment plan uptake, it’s been interesting to see how more and more are enhancing their use of technology to improve communication with patients.Read More