If Everything’s Going Great… Change NOW!

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Practice Plan Marketing Director Les Jones explains why it’s best to invest in change when your practice is doing well, and how by doing so, it can build on your positive state.

There’s no such thing as a straight line in business. Every business goes through peaks and troughs and there are always internal and external influences that mean change is always on the horizon.

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The Business Skills Workshop Theatre Is Coming!

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This week, guest blogger Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator at Practice Plan, joins us to whet our appetites as to what is in store at this year’s Dentistry Show.

Well, where do I start? This year’s Dentistry Show is going to be a biggie for Practice Plan and definitely a date for your diary. Cocktails, top speakers and top tips are all on the agenda and the 28th February and 1st March in Birmingham promises to be an action-packed couple of days!

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What Is A ‘Perfect’ Patient Journey?

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What we all have to remember about the patient journey is that it’s the patient’s journey, not ours. We have to start thinking about what the patient wants and what the patient is likely to appreciate. My research within dental practices has proven that there are two key things that practices must get right; allowing patients to trust the dentist and the practice, and proving that the team is totally focused on helping patients stay healthy.

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Bridge2Aid’s Urgent Appeal

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If you are on Bridge2Aid’s mailing list, connected to the charity through social media or generally involved in the dental profession in the UK then you may know by now that Bridge2Aid is currently facing the biggest challenge since they started work ten years ago. Here, CEO Mark Topley explains why:

The financial challenge we are facing (and described in full here) has come to a head, despite the great deal of fighting from the team and others within the family during the past six months to try to turn things around.

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Keeping Pace With Opportunity

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In this week’s blog, Practice Plan‘s Sales Director Nigel Jones takes a look at how practices can take up new opportunities to help improve their practice revenue against the challenge of ever-rising costs.

A key challenge for many practices I visit is keeping a consistent, and preferably improving, revenue. Although the option of increasing both plan charges and treatment fees is a realistic consideration for many practices, this is not without its risks, so it does need some careful thought. All the more reason then to make sure other opportunities for improving revenue are not being missed.

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First Impressions – More Than Just Waiting

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Here, we discuss why first impressions really do count and offer some ideas on how you can utilise your dental practice waiting room to help increase treatment uptake in your practice.

Every day there’s an opportunity where you can communicate with your patients without overtly selling and putting pressure on them; but a way in which you can still showcase your treatment offering and open up conversations that could lead to greater treatment uptake.Read More

When 2 Become 1 – We’re Having a Spice Girls Moment!

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It’s an exciting time in the Practice Plan Design and Marketing Team at the moment (isn’t it always?).

Not only have we just launched our fantastic new website – the result of many months of hard work, development, design, writing, programming and, it has to be said… the odd tear or two – but more of that later. But we are also proud to introduce to the world our brand new, rather sexy, consolidated branding!

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