Air polishing

Air polishing – a jet wash for your teeth!

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Air polishing is a real game changer for patients, it is a growing innovation which can help improve the look of your teeth and prevent disease in the mouth. This procedure is the new buzz topic within the field of dental hygiene, mention ‘air polishing’ to any dental hygienist and I guarantee their eyes will light up.Read More

40 years to go… why an exit strategy could ruin your business

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Colin shares some personal insights into why he has committed to work within dentistry until he is 85. He talks about the advantages of a long-term approach which removes some of the pressures of day-to-day work.

What you’ll hear:
  • Why Colin has chosen a long-term approach over a short-term ‘exit strategy’ approach
  • Examples of how such an approach benefits the organisation, the team and the patient
  • How this is happening in many business settings as an alternative to the classic model of build and exit strategy

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Insights panel

Dentistry debated – is the NHS’ delicate balance about to be tipped?

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Nigel Jones discusses some of dentistry’s big issues with a panel of big hitters from the profession…

How do you balance professionalism with delivering the requirements of an NHS contract? In all the conversations I’ve had with dentists during this year, this is a question that has come up time and again in one form or other. One conversation that particularly stuck with me was with a young dentist who said she went to bed at night ‘negotiating with herself’ about the compromises in care she’d had to make that day. I suspect that there are many others having that same internal debate with themselves.

It was of little surprise, then, that this was a recurring theme during a discussion panel I hosted recently about what the results of the latest NHS Confidence Monitor survey reveal about the state of dentistry with some well-known faces from the profession. Whilst I’m afraid that we didn’t come up with the answer, there was a robust debate around this issue including how those in the NHS are often relying on income from elsewhere to make their contract work, and the sustainability of such an approach.Read More

In conversation with Yasmin Allen

The digital revolution is coming, is dentistry ready?

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Yasmin Allen discusses how dentistry cannot ignore advancements in digital technology. She talks about the importance of workforce strategy and training in order to maximise the potential for digital change within both NHS and private dentistry.

What you’ll hear:
  • What ‘digital’ means in the context of dentistry
  • The ways in which practices, patients and clinicians can benefit from digitisation
  • How to bridge the gap between digital skills and technology, considering limitations within the workforce

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Losing money

Four ways your dental practice could be losing money, and how to fix it

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The dental industry is a dynamic sector characterised by growth and increased investor activity in recent years. Analysis conducted by IBIS World has revealed that the overall UK dental market size in revenue terms was £6.7bn in the UK in 2017-18 and forecasted to grow at approximately 1.1% per annum over the next five years, up from 0.5% annual growth during the preceding five-year period.

An ageing population and an increased public understanding of the importance of good dental hygiene have stimulated demand for advances in traditional treatments and cosmetic dentistry which is increasingly profitable. The dental market landscape is clearly changing and diversifying. But is your practice in pole position to take advantage of emerging opportunities or missing out on potentially lucrative revenue streams?

This blog will highlight four areas where your dental practice could be losing money and what actions you can take to maximise efficiency and your profit levels.Read More

An interview with Barry Oulton

Understand and improve the way you communicate with this NLP model

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Barry Oulton, dentist and communication expert, talks about the benefits of better understanding the way you communicate. He explains a Neuro-Linguistic Programming model that can help you achieve this.

What you’ll hear:
  • The importance of good communication
  • Examples of why it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it
  • Details about how being congruent is essential for great communication

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Associate employment status change – what owners and associates need to know

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Neil Richardson, Senior Financial Consultant at Wesleyan explains the potential implications of the associate employment status review on practice and associate finances…

The HMRC review into the employment status of associates is likely to have far-reaching consequences on both practices and practitioners. From new contracts to implications on individual and commercial finances, the review could mean some of the biggest changes to the sector for decades.Read More

Should I take the lease or buy the freehold

Thomas Coates discusses your options when buying a practice

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Buying a dental practice is one of the biggest decisions you are likely to face in your career. It is not just a significant investment monetarily but also in terms of your time, effort and responsibility.

The decision of whether to become a practice owner or not brings with it several other questions, one of which is whether to take a lease or buy the freehold. It is not straightforward and can be a confusing time especially for those unfamiliar with the legalese and the process. To gain more clarity on this aspect of buying a practice, I asked specialist solicitor Thomas Coates: When buying a practice, should I take a lease or buy the freehold?Read More