Thinking about your toothbrush

Thinking about your toothbrush

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As dental care professionals, making sure our patients’ oral health is as good as it can be is of the upmost importance to us. We focus on making sure that our patients have stable mouths that don’t deteriorate due to what are essentially completely preventable diseases.

We’re keen to ensure that patients are brushing (most commonly with an electric toothbrush) and flossing correctly, and frequently enough in a way that doesn’t cause any damage to their oral health. Patients who are re-energised, reinvigorated and motivated to take care of their mouths at home makes the biggest difference between having patients who are stable and healthy versus patients whose oral health is deteriorating.

However, I have to hold my hands up and say that there is one large aspect of the oral health message that we have not been so focused on sharing with our patients, and that’s the role that the humble toothbrush bristles play in effectively cleaning teeth. I have spoken to other colleagues and I think this is something that, universally, as a profession we probably don’t communicate well enough.Read More

Past present and future

A dentist’s view – the past, present and future of NHS dentistry

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July 2018 marks the platinum anniversary of the NHS and there have been many changes over the past 70 years. It seems apt at this milestone to look at the history and evolution of dentistry within the NHS, and what the future might hold.

To explore this, we asked Stuart Allan, who qualified as a dentist in 1978 and is Chair of the Greater Manchester Federation of Local Dental Committees, to share his thoughts on the past, present and future of NHS dentistry…Read More

Expert advice from Andy McDougall

How to unlock hidden profits in your practice

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Andy McDougall explains why numbers should be at the heart of everything you do and explains how to make sure your practice reaches its full financial potential.

What you’ll hear:
  • An overview of where unlocked profits lurk and how they can be accessed
  • An insight into how numbers behave and how to apply Decision Making Accounting (DMA)
  • How very practice has the opportunity to double its net profit within three years by unlocking its own profit code

Read More

Take the heat off your tax bill

How dentists can take the heat off their summer tax bill

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The recent mini heatwave may have been welcomed by the majority of Britons, however the summer months typically coincide with when businesses most feel the strain on their finances due to declining revenues. For some self-employed dentists, the worry associated with paying their annual tax liabilities has been rising, and with the 31st July self-assessment payment deadline looming, some will have concerns about their cash flow.Read More

Putting helath at the heart of your practice

Sheila Scott reads her book aloud

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In her own insightful and compelling fashion, Sheila Scott puts her finger on one of the most important truths for anyone who aspires to be a successful dentist or to run a successful dental practice.

The central messages of this book are as powerful as they are simple and easy to grasp.

Members of the dental team who adopt the ideas contained in this recording will be on course for a successful career. At the same time their patients will learn to value the care they receive.

If your patients want dental health then you must learn how to put health at the heart of your practice.Read More

What next for dentistry?

What next for NHS dentistry?

Paul Worskett NHS Dental Landscape Leave a Comment

Paul Worskett takes a look at the lifecycle of the NHS so far as it enters its 70th year and contemplates what the next decade might hold. As dentistry enters ‘old age’ will there be more funding to meet it’s ever-growing and increasingly complex needs? Will the gap between NHS and private charges continue to shrink until it becomes a moot point? Paul, a principal dentist in a prototype B practice, explores these issues…Read More

Talking about my generation

Talking about my generation

Nigel Jones NHS Dental Landscape Leave a Comment

Being a new dentist today is a much different experience compared to 70 years ago when the NHS was first established – and some would say the same for 20 years ago. In this 70th anniversary year for the NHS I spoke to Shivana Anand, a young dentist and co-founder of a training company for new dentists, about what it’s like to qualify and become a dentist today, and what the future looks like…Read More