Stop losing patients

How to stop losing patients

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Every practice will have a natural churn of patients – people move away or pass away. But it is a concern if your practice is losing patients because they are choosing to move to a different practice in your local area. My question to the team in this instance is, ‘why do you think they leave your practice?, I then get them to think about a time when they last received poor service from a shop/restaurant, etc, and then when they received outstanding service – generally there are more poor service instances than outstanding. However, we generally don’t complain about the poor service we receive, instead we make the decision to go elsewhere. To get the team thinking about the service they offer, I ask them to list everything they aren’t good at, what they do well, then everything they are great at and what they excel at. The idea being they are identifying areas that need attention. Below is a list of some of the ‘honest truths’ that come out of these sessions along with a few ideas on how to deal with them:Read More

Employment Law Update

The latest changes to Employment Law

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Employment Law solicitor, Sarah Buxton, talks through the most recent changes to Employment Law and how these will impact dental practices and teams.

What you’ll hear:
  • How GDPR is impacting employment matters
  • Information about sexual harassment and the use of non-disclosure agreements
  • How stand-by time or being ‘on call’ needs to be considered in relation to pay.

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A view into the future

Prototype practices perspectives on what the future holds

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Following confirmation that the contract reform process will rumble on for another two years, with fresh calls for new practices to join the prototype programme, I caught up with two dentists already involved.

Len D’Cruz is a dentist and practice owner in a prototype B practice, and Claudia Peace is an associate in a prototype A practice.

I spoke to both to find out more about how their experience in the programme so far informs their opinion about contract reform and the future of dentistry.Read More

picnic your way to health

A selection of tasty picnic recipes with no added sugar

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A healthy diet is kind to your body and your teeth and can also make you feel great! Overconsumption of added sugar is the leading cause of dental decay and is a major contributor to chronic disease, so it makes sense to reduce our intake.

Due to the vast number of foods that contain added sugar, cutting back can be tricky and confusing but don’t worry, it’s not impossible! Put simply, the best way to control the amount of sugar we consume is to eat food that we’ve prepared ourselves, so we have control over what it contains. Fear not, it’s easy and less time-consuming than you might think.

Now the sunny weather is here, it’s a great time to grab some food and a blanket and head into the great outdoors. Here are some ideas for quick picnic dishes, made from scratch without adding any unnecessary sugar.Read More

The key to multi-site communication

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Nathan Wallis talks to Les Jones about how multi-site practices and corporates should organise their communications to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and employee engagement.

What you’ll hear:
  • The importance of effective communications in any workplace, particularly within multi-site organisations
  • What practises should be adopted to facilitate good communications
  • How to ensure your team is on board

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Expert advice from Sarah Buxton

A guide to setting up associate agreements

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Sarah Buxton explains how to set up an associate agreement and exactly what it needs to include.

What you’ll hear:

  • The pros and cons of hiring an employed or self-employed associate
  • What should be included in an associate agreement
  • How to make amendments to an associate agreement
  • Risks to practice owners if an agreement doesn’t adhere to Employment Law

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rise of the Patsumer

The rise of ‘patsumers’ – how can your practice meet their needs?

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An emerging phenomenon driven by the impact of technology is set to directly influence the future of dental practice as we know it. The rise of the ‘patsumer’, a new buzzword to describe patients who think and act like consumers, is expected to herald a shift in customer behaviours as they take more control over their own healthcare.Read More


An introduction to BrushUpUK

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BrushUpUK is an exciting and innovative charity providing free oral health education through a volunteer network of qualified oral health educators from local dental practices.

BrushUpUK was the dream of our founder, Megan Thomas, starting her career as a dental nurse in 2006 and qualifying as a dental hygienist in 2013. It grew as an idea to create a charity to train terminal care nurses in evidence-based and proven oral care programmes that they could use to the benefit of their patients. Our volunteer trustees have embraced this concept and have tested and developed the ideas practically.
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Health care dentistry

A journey from care homes to dentistry and lessons learned along the way

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Following a 10-year career in healthcare – particularly managing both NHS and private services for those with learning disabilities or terminal illnesses, Matt Hadman made the move into dentistry. Here, he discusses how his experiences helped him when he became a practice manager and in his latest role supporting dental teams…Read More

Implementing a CRS policy

CSR – how doing good for others is also good for business

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can have many benefits for dental practices such as increasing staff teamwork, engaging with the local community and building the business’ reputation. However, not many people know how to, firstly, set about putting a CSR policy in place, and, secondly, how to ensure it is effective.Read More