Expert advice from Thomas Coates

Business structures and managing your business partners

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Thomas discusses the different business structures used by dental practices and how they differ. He details practical steps to take and the relevant paperwork to put in place in order to avoid future conflict with your business partners.

What you’ll hear:
  • The difference between Expense Sharing, Traditional Partnership and Limited Company models for practice ownership
  • Details of the documentation necessary to set up these arrangements correctly
  • Examples of where things can go wrong
  • How to handle a dispute with a business partner.

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Your questions answered

How does GDPR impact our ability to refer patients to other practices?

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The end of November marks six months since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s probably fair to say it’s been a learning curve for everyone, including dental practice teams, in terms of how to ensure compliance with these new rules.

As new circumstances concerning patients’ data arise, practices continue to seek answers about their best way forward. I asked Pat Langley from Apolline, who support practices in compliance, to answer one of the queries we’ve received: How does GDPR impact our ability to refer patients to other practices?Read More

Sarah Jarvis

Factors to consider when selling your practice

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Sarah focuses on the key financial considerations practice owners should make when putting their dental practice on the market. She also outlines the different types of buyers in the market and discusses realistic time scales for preparing to sell.

What you’ll hear:
  • Appropriate timeframes for selling your practice and when to beginning planning
  • The importance of a comprehensive valuation from a specialist sales agent
  • Things a potential buyer will look for in a practice
  • The pros and cons of selling to corporate groups, dental associates and introduced buyers

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Young dentist insights panel

Great expectations…

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Nigel Jones speaks to young dentists about whether the reality of practising dentistry matched their expectations…

As someone who has worked in dentistry for almost 30 years, I’ve seen the truly life-transforming impact that clinicians can have on their patients. The satisfaction this must give, is surely hard to match in other professions. And yet, there is a very real problem with recruiting and retaining new dentists.

Of course, alongside the positive feel-good factor of making a difference to your patients’ lives, there are many challenges: managing patient expectations, delivering the quality care you want to while working within the parameters of the NHS, mounting regulation, the fear of complaints and litigation, to name but a few.

With the current struggle around recruiting and retaining dental professionals, it seems as though the balance is tipping and the negative factors are out-weighing the positives. It may well be that for those entering the profession, their expectations of delivering this transformational dentistry is not matched by the reality of being a dentist, resulting in them deciding early on that it is not the career for them.Read More

GDPR 6 months on

The impact of GDPR on our practice

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We just recently passed the six-month mark since the introduction of new data protection regulation (GDPR). To find out how one practice has managed these changes, Josie Hutchings, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan, spoke to Zoe Sharp, Practice Manager at Alexandra Dental Care…

GDPR is an acronym we’ve all become pretty familiar with since the start of 2018, both as a customer of other companies and also in our own professions. It’s hard to think of an industry that hasn’t been touched by the regulation which required many to implement new ways, or adapt old ones, of storing and processing data.

Of course, given the patient data that dental practices have access to, and potentially need to share, e.g. for referrals, they were far from immune from the reach of GDPR. As we approach the six-month milestone since the regulation came into force, I spoke to Zoe Sharp, to see how they have dealt with the changes and the effect on their practice.Read More

In conversation with Yasmin Allen

Dental urgent and emergency care – the pinch point of the challenges facing dentistry

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The issues faced in dental urgent and emergency care settings are often a magnified reflection of the problems in dentistry as a whole. Yasmin Allen discusses the current situation with Nigel Jones, explaining the improvements that are urgently required and the benefits of both NHS and private dentists understanding what urgent and emergency care settings are dealing with.

What you’ll hear:
  • Details of the current challenges facing urgent dental care
  • The ways in which things can be improved
  • The benefits digitisation could bring to an urgent care setting
  • Lessons that can be taken from the urgent care setting to benefit dentistry as a whole.

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Air polishing

Air polishing – a jet wash for your teeth!

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Air polishing is a real game changer for patients, it is a growing innovation which can help improve the look of your teeth and prevent disease in the mouth. This procedure is the new buzz topic within the field of dental hygiene, mention ‘air polishing’ to any dental hygienist and I guarantee their eyes will light up.Read More

40 years to go… why an exit strategy could ruin your business

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Colin shares some personal insights into why he has committed to work within dentistry until he is 85. He talks about the advantages of a long-term approach which removes some of the pressures of day-to-day work.

What you’ll hear:
  • Why Colin has chosen a long-term approach over a short-term ‘exit strategy’ approach
  • Examples of how such an approach benefits the organisation, the team and the patient
  • How this is happening in many business settings as an alternative to the classic model of build and exit strategy

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