How to motivate your team to success

Inspiring team work within your practice

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Award winning Practice Director, Lesley Morgan-Barlow talks to Zoe Close about team motivation. Drawing on more than 7 years experience of running a dental practice, she looks at the importance of strong leadership and the benefits of outlining clear business goals to all the team. She offers easy to implement advice on encouraging team members and illustrates things many practice managers do which actually have a demotivating effect.

What you’ll hear today:
  • Factors to consider when trying to encourage your team to work together
  • The different ways success can be rewarded
  • Tips for motivating and encouraging less enthusiastic team members
  • Key factors that can actually demotivate teams and how to avoid them.
About Lesley Morgan-Barlow

Lesley has been Practice Director at Synergy Dental Care, an award winning dental practice in Staffordshire, for over 7 years. Before that she worked in HR for both the NHS and the legal sector. She has a wealth of business knowledge and has had much success in applying it to dentistry.




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