The 10% push, how to increase your income by 10% in one year

How to boost your income by 10% in 12 months

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Simon Tucker and Les Jones talk about a selection of low or no-cost ideas that are easy to implement in practice to help you start increasing your income immediately. They also shine a light on areas where opportunities to increase sales are being missed.

What you’ll hear today:
  • The principal behind the 10% push explained
  • Advice for generating ideas in your practice to increase income
  • Reasons why many practices miss the opportunity to increase sales

Simon talks about using the personal dental assessment form to start the right conversations with your patients about treatment. You can download the form here.

About Simon Tucker

SImon TuckerSimon is a salesman, an experienced business builder and a people developer. He has worked nationally and internationally with some of the leading dental companies in a variety of management and leadership roles. He is currently the owner of Profitable Conversation, providing consultancy, sales training, communication skills, leadership, business development and marketing to dentists, dental businesses and SMEs



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