The Best Kept Secret in Town – Part 1

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What I love about my team is their enthusiasm to see the practice succeed. Last year, I threw it open to them to help me shape the practice’s marketing plan for 2014. One of the ideas that my front desk team decided we must do was to go and deliver a week of awareness in our local shopping centre.

Is Your Social Media Etiquette up to Scratch?

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Believe it or not there is some etiquette to how the big wide world of social media works. Here, social media agency ApexHub discuss what they consider to be bad social etiquette (or ‘netiquette’) and how people should apply courtesy, good manners and common sense to the world of social media, just like they would in real life! 

Strawberry Cake and the Halo Effect

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From her experience of visiting hundreds of practices all over the UK, Regional Support Manager Emma Sillars discusses why first impressions really do count and how you can polish up on yours! A recent study revealed that if a cake has strawberries on the top, we estimate that it has 16% less calories than the same cake without the strawberries! …

Help – There are Gaps in my Appointment Book!

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Kevin Rose takes a look at how to look at an issue from a different perspective when trying to fill your appointment book! One thing I’ve noticed from being out in the field and spending time with practice owners is that for many of them their sense of wellbeing and security is linked to the number of gaps in their …