Will the UDA values be reviewed when the new contract comes in

Tony Kilcoyne’s views on whether the UDA values will be reviewed when the new contract comes into place

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The issue of the huge variation in UDA values in practices throughout England, and sometimes even on the same street, is one that has been challenging the dental profession for some time. While the rollout of a new contract could be the ideal opportunity for some sort of harmonisation, that seems a long way off with little incentive for Government …

A private and NHS practice

How one practice built a successful mixed dental practice

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The partners at Allestree Dental Practice in Derby had been looking at introducing private dentistry in their NHS practice for a number of years. Happily, after meeting Regional Support Manager, Josie Hutchings, from Practice Plan, they learned that they could take that longed-for step toward private dentistry while maintaining the security of their NHS income. Josie spoke with Practice Manager, Angela …

When do you think the new contract will come into effect?

Eddie Crouch shares his views on when he thinks the new NHS contract will come into effect

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With no fixed timeline for the introduction of any new NHS contract, and some suggesting it could be rolled out from 2018/19, while others predicting a post-Brexit 2021 start – the lack of a set deadline is causing uncertainty in the profession. In light of this we asked Eddie Crouch for his take on the situation and when he thinks …

Converting to private practice

How one practice converted from NHS to private dentistry

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In 2008, husband and wife duo Kate and Ged Cummings were practising dentistry in a small NHS dental practice in Stoke-on-Trent. Today they head up a large, continuously growing private practice with a bright future. Following this amazing journey, which ultimately involved speedy expansion and the consolidation of two practices, Regional Support Manager, Josie Hutchings sat down with Kate Cummings …

Is NHS dentistry in need of a philosophical shift

How might a new NHS contract make a difference to NHS dentistry?

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In order to achieve a realistic ideal within the future of NHS dentistry, is a fundamental change in the basic concepts and practices of dental care needed? To answer this question, Practice Plan caught up with Judith Husband and Nairn Wilson about the differences a new contract might make to NHS dentistry, as well as what changes dental teams may …

2017 the year questions finally get answered

Nigel Jones’ reflections on the unanswered questions from 2016

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Within dentistry, 2016 felt to me like the year of the unanswered questions – the most important one arguably being, ‘how long can the profession’s status quo be maintained’? This question, amongst others, needs answering if the profession’s worryingly low levels of morale and insecurity about the future are to be addressed before the end of 2017.

Counting the cost of the NHS prototypes

Insight into the fees currently paid out to prototype dentists

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With the NHS prototype practices now a few months into their trials, Practice Plan met up with Eddie Crouch, Charles Major and Paul Worskett to discuss their thoughts on the current fees being paid out to prototype dentists, what they would like to see in the future, and the potential repercussions if fair remuneration is perceived to be absent from …

NHS dentistry: staying positive in the current climate

NHS dentistry: staying positive in the current climate

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Confidence in the future of NHS dentistry remains low, and with continued uncertainty and no changes set to take shape anytime soon, Practice Plan asks wet-fingered clinicians, Eddie Crouch, Judith Husband, David Houston and David Bretton, what dentists should be doing to stay motivated and make the most of their situation.

Improving public perception of NHS dentistry with Tony Kilcoyne

How can public perception of NHS dentistry be improved?

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The results of the fourth NHS Confidence Monitor revealed that one way in which dental professionals believe that confidence can be increased is through improvements to the public’s perception of NHS dentistry. Listen to this Bodcast as Tony Kilcyone shares his views on the public’s current understanding of NHS dentistry and the measures he feels are needed to increase this, with …