Stop Smokin Start Healing Natasha Wilcock

Stop Smoking, Start Healing

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Run by Public Health England, Stoptober is a nationwide, 28 day, stop smoking challenge, which takes place during the month of October. Participants are encouraged to support one another in the challenge to quit and sign up to receive helpful free resources. By quitting for four weeks smokers are five times more likely to stay smoke free.  So, to support this, …

Getting Your 5-a-Day in a Tooth-Friendly Way

Getting Your 5-a-Day in a Tooth-Friendly Way!

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Fruit and vegetables are a staple part of our diet. They provide valuable vitamins and minerals for our bodies to develop and function properly. So with the recent news reports and articles highlighting the dangers of sugars in fruit and juices, how can we find a balance between getting our valuable ‘5-a-day’ without causing unnecessary damage to our teeth?

Rotten Diet Rotten Teeth

Rotten Diets, Rotten Teeth – Tips On How To Keep Your Child’s Diet Healthy

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Alongside good dental hygiene such as tooth brushing and regular dental visits, effective nutritional advice is a key strategy in the drive to reduce dental decay. Here I take a look at how drivers of prevention and treatment need to work together effectively to strengthen and protect the teeth of our children and offer some tips on what you can …