Supporting teenagers

How to support teenagers to look after their teeth!

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Our teenage years are the toughest ones that we go through as the transition from childhood to adulthood is rarely a smooth one. Sometimes in the midst of all this, our teeth can get overlooked – storing up big problems for the future. Here, Dental Hygienist, Jo Dickinson, explains the ways in which our teenagers are damaging their teeth and …

Help your little ones look after their pearly whites

#Smileforlife infographic – Tips and advice to help you to look after your children’s teeth

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Filled with facts, figures and handy tips, our infographic is a perfect guide to get you thinking about how to help your little ones to look after their pearly whites. From how to brush their teeth properly to ensuring they have a tooth-friendly diet, this infographic has it covered!

Fruit: a healthy go-to or an oral health nemesis

What impact does fruit have on our oral health?

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We’re all aware of the Government’s health initiative encouraging us to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to improve our health. Fruit and vegetables contain many substances that are of massive benefit to our health including an array of vitamins, minerals, and very potent antioxidants. However, as a result of our increasing awareness of the …

Saving you from sensitivity this summer

Saving you from sensitivity this summer

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The great British summer is just around the corner, which hopefully means it’ll be sun hats and factor 50 lotion at the ready (we’re due a good one, don’t you know…) With the sunshine always comes a raft of delicious refreshments, including iced summer cocktails and of course the obligatory Solero. This is great, unless you’re one of the many …

Chew your way to better oral health

Chew your way to better oral health

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As a dentist, I’m constantly telling my patients how to look after their teeth and improve their oral health. Most of the messages are similar: see your dentist regularly, brush for two minutes, twice a day, spit your toothpaste out and don’t rinse, use mouthwash at a different time of the day to brushing, floss more, eat less sugar. It’s …