In Conversation with John Milne

The effect of regulation on dentists today

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John Milne takes you through regulation in dentistry today and the effect it has on the lives of practising dentists and on patient care. What you’ll hear: The future for regulation in terms of the number of regulators/inspectors The impact that the CQC has had on dentistry and how it has evolved How regulation affects the standard of patient care

Health care dentistry

A journey from care homes to dentistry and lessons learned along the way

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Following a 10-year career in healthcare – particularly managing both NHS and private services for those with learning disabilities or terminal illnesses, Matt Hadman made the move into dentistry. Here, he discusses how his experiences helped him when he became a practice manager and in his latest role supporting dental teams…

Protect yourself from the threat of litigation

How you can protect yourself from the rising threat of litigation

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Tina Wixon, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan, talks to Tracey Jarrett, a practising dentist who holds a Master Dental Law and Ethics degree, about the rise of litigation and the importance of consent and having the time needed with patients… The risk of complaints and litigation against dentists is not only ever-present but also increasing. A report* last year …

How to demonstrate good leadership

Nicki Rowland explains how to be a good leader and how to evidence this in a CQC inspection.

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In this episode of bodcast Nicki Rowland looks at why leadership in your dental practice is more important than ever. As the CQC will be focusing heavily on the Well-led KLOE in 2018, the requirement to demonstrate great leadership is in the spotlight. Nicki offers advice about the best way to approach being a good leader to benefit your practice …

How to stay on the right side of employment law and the CQC

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In today’s Bodcast Sheila Scott, Nicki Rowland and Sarah Buxton discuss the best ways for practices to avoid employment law issues and CQC failures by recognising the importance of staff training and communication. They offer a range of practical advice on how to tackle poor performance, attitude or behaviour and an insight into why some dental practices are failing their …

Keeping your policies and protocols up to date

How to ensure your practice policies and protocols are up to scratch

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Keeping accurate and up-to-date policies and protocols is a key part of running a dental practice. What’s more, it’s an important factor when it comes to meeting the CQC’s fundamental standards. So, how can you ensure that your practice policies and protocols are up to scratch? Here, compliance expert Pat Langley shares her expert advice on how you can do …