Think before you grab a soft drink!

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The term ‘soft drink’ covers a vast array of beverages from carbonated, sports and energy drinks to fruit juices, dilutables and bottled waters. In the UK, we consume around 14 billion litres of soft drinks each year, with children and adolescents being most likely to consume more than any other age group.

Here, Dentist, David Bretton, considers the effects of some of these drinks on our oral health and shares his advice to help you to think before you grab a soft drink!

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How to encourage patients to visit their hygienist

Advice on how to encourage patients to visit their hygienist

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Listen to this episode of Bodcast to discover Business Consultant, Sheila Scott’s expert tips and advice on how you can encourage your patients to visit the hygienist more frequently.

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Empowering dentists

How to empower yourself to take control of your future!

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Practice Plan brought together three experts – Chris Barrow, Sarah Buxton and Ashley Latter – to find out How can dental professionals achieve success through self-empowerment? Here, Chris Barrow, Sarah Buxton and Ashley share their views on dental professionals can do just that.

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Dental Market Update - 2017

Nigel Jones’ UK Dental Market Update – January 2017

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Nigel Jones shares his reflections on the key influences on the UK dental market that emerged in 2016 and the impact that these may have on the industry in the year ahead.Read More

Preparing to sell a dental practice

How to prepare a dental practice for sale

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Take away a greater understanding of the factors which need to be considered when preparing a dental practice for sale, as well as the steps needed to achieve this, in this episode of Bodcast with Andrew Lockhart-Mirams, Senior Partner at Lockharts Solicitors

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Help your little ones look after their pearly whites

#Smileforlife infographic – Tips and advice to help you to look after your children’s teeth

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Filled with facts, figures and handy tips, our infographic is a perfect guide to get you thinking about how to help your little ones to look after their pearly whites. From how to brush their teeth properly to ensuring they have a tooth-friendly diet, this infographic has it covered!

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Fruit: a healthy go-to or an oral health nemesis

What impact does fruit have on our oral health?

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We’re all aware of the Government’s health initiative encouraging us to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to improve our health. Fruit and vegetables contain many substances that are of massive benefit to our health including an array of vitamins, minerals, and very potent antioxidants. However, as a result of our increasing awareness of the amount of sugar in our foods, there is now an air of confusion surrounding fruit, particularly sweeter fruits enjoyed by children such as strawberries. Should we be encouraging them or steering away? Here, Nutritionist Sarah Coulson, sheds some light on this confusing issue.

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What's new in the CQC - policies and protocols

Pat Langley’s expert advice on policies and protocols

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If a man landed from Mars and wanted to buy your dental practice, would he be able to work out how to run the practice from your policies and protocols? If the answer is no, then this episode of Bodcast with compliance expert Pat Langley is a must for you and your team, to ensure you’re meeting the CQC’s requirements. 

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Tis the season to overindulge

How to look after your teeth during the Christmas period

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Even the most dedicated gym bunnies tend to overindulge at Christmas time, and why not? A day or two of overindulgence during the festive season won’t do us much damage in the long-term, in fact, it can help us to maintain a healthy relationship with food! Media reports suggest that we can eat a staggering 6000 calories on Christmas day! That’s three times the recommended daily intake of 2000 calories per day for women and over double the recommended 2500 calories for men.

But, how can this overindulgence impact upon our oral health? Nutritionist Sarah Coulson explains how the foods and drinks we consume at Christmas time can affect our teeth and shares her advice on what to do to look after your pearly whites.

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5 tips to keep your dental-practice finances on track

How to keep your finances on track

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It’s important to keep track of your finances and make sure you’ve got plans in place to ensure you meet your long-term goals. Here, Wesleyan’s financial adviser team give their top five tips on how you can keep your dental practice’s finances on track.Read More