To juice or not to juice

What impact do juice diets have on your oral health?

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With so many diets to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is best, which one suits your lifestyle, and most importantly which one includes foods that you actually enjoy to eat?

There are many variations of diets which focus upon differing the ratio of macros (carbohydrate, fat, and protein) such as: low carb high fat, low carb high protein, low sugar, low GI, vegan, vegetarian, high fat high protein – the list goes on and on. A popular diet trend is the ‘juicing diet’ as it’s an easy option – you simply juice fruit and vegetables yourself or buy them ready juiced!

No thinking, no cooking, little preparation, and super healthy…right?

Here, Nutritionist, Sarah Coulson, explores this popular diet and the impact that it can have on our oral health.

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How to get started on social media

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In this episode of Bodcast, host, Branding and Communications Coordinator, Becky Hargreaves is joined by Wesleyan’s Social Media Manager, Richard Eccleston. Together, they explore how you can adopt social media as a marketing tool in your dental practice, providing you with practical hints and tips that you can take away and implement.

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Getting the most out of your team

Five simple ways to bring out the best in your dental team

Donna Hall HR and Team Development Leave a Comment

As an owner or practice manager, bringing out the best in your team may well be something you strive to do on a daily basis year on year, however this can prove a little easier said than done and when staff motivation takes a back seat, it can lead to frustrations with individual employee performance or a completely disengaged team. The good news is that the most effective management is often quite simple, cost effective and can be implemented straight away.

Here, Regional Support Manager, Donna Hall shares five ways to get you off to a great start.

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Does your dental practice have a brand?

Les Jones Marketing and Design Leave a Comment

Every practice has a brand, the same as every person has a personality. It’s not something that you have a choice to have or not to have, but where you do have a choice is how you present and develop that brand. Here, Creative Director, Les Jones shares his insight into what a brand is and why it’s so important for your business. 

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Your website: the window to your business – How to stand out on Google

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Your website acts like an online window to your business but how can you make sure you’re standing out on Google? In this episode of Bodcast, host Branding and Communications Manager, Sian Grace talks to Google Consultant Naz Haque about how to optimise your website and drive traffic there to attract new patients.

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NHS dentistry: staying positive in the current climate

NHS dentistry: staying positive in the current climate

Practice Plan Options Out Of The NHS 1 Comment

Confidence in the future of NHS dentistry remains low, and with continued uncertainty and no changes set to take shape anytime soon, Practice Plan asks wet-fingered clinicians, Eddie Crouch, Judith Husband, David Houston and David Bretton, what dentists should be doing to stay motivated and make the most of their situation.

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NHS Dentistry Insights - Part 2

Essential insights into the future of NHS dentistry – Part 2

Practice Plan NHS Confidence Monitor - Industry comments Leave a Comment

During last year’s BDIA Showcase, Practice Plan organised a meeting of expert minds for two live events, firstly to facilitate discussion around the results of the fourth NHS Confidence Monitor and, secondly, to allow dental professionals in the audience to ask their burning questions about the possible future of NHS dentistry.

Practice Plan is now delighted to share the second instalment of the insightful and dynamic conversations that flowed between our valued participants at both events – David Bretton, a young associate dentist, Eddie Crouch, Len D’Cruz and Judith Husband, all wet-fingered dentists and BDA representatives, David Houston, principal of the Houston Group of practices, Tony Kilcoyne, a cosmetic dentistry specialist, Andrew Lockhart-Mirams, a solicitor, and Paul Worskett, the principal of a prototype blend B practice.

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Think before you grab a soft drink!

David Bretton Dental Health Leave a Comment

The term ‘soft drink’ covers a vast array of beverages from carbonated, sports and energy drinks to fruit juices, dilutables and bottled waters. In the UK, we consume around 14 billion litres of soft drinks each year, with children and adolescents being most likely to consume more than any other age group.

Here, Dentist, David Bretton, considers the effects of some of these drinks on our oral health and shares his advice to help you to think before you grab a soft drink!

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How to encourage patients to visit their hygienist

Advice on how to encourage patients to visit their hygienist

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Listen to this episode of Bodcast to discover Business Consultant, Sheila Scott’s expert tips and advice on how you can encourage your patients to visit the hygienist more frequently.

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Empowering dentists

How to empower yourself to take control of your future!

Practice Plan Practice Management Leave a Comment

Practice Plan brought together three experts – Chris Barrow, Sarah Buxton and Ashley Latter – to find out How can dental professionals achieve success through self-empowerment? Here, Chris Barrow, Sarah Buxton and Ashley share their views on dental professionals can do just that.

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