Top tips on how to promote your dental plan

Advice on how to give your plan numbers a boost

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Discover Regional Support Manager, Suki Singh’s practical tips and advice on how you can increase the number of patients that join your dental membership plan in this podcast hosted by Branding and Communications Manager, Sian Grace!

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A picture paints a thousand words

Using photography to help your practice to stand out from the crowd!

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We live in a world dominated by the photograph. For the first time ever, the number of photographs taken in the world in one year exceeded 1 trillion in 2015 – that’s a lot of photographs! Here, Creative Director, Les Jones shares his views on the importance of using quality photography on your practice website and brochure to showcase your business in the best possible light. 

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How to make your dental plan a success

Successful planning: How one practice built a strong dental plan

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Back in 2006, when the new NHS contract came out, Spondon Dental Practice converted most of their patients to a private dental membership plan, provided by Practice Plan. Now, ten years on, the practice and the plan continue to grow as a result of the effective plan recruitment process developed by the team. Here, dentist Dannick Jethwa explains how they have achieved this.

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Improving public perception of NHS dentistry with Tony Kilcoyne

How can public perception of NHS dentistry be improved?

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The results of the fourth NHS Confidence Monitor revealed that one way in which dental professionals believe that confidence can be increased is through improvements to the public’s perception of NHS dentistry. Listen to this Bodcast as Tony Kilcyone shares his views on the public’s current understanding of NHS dentistry and the measures he feels are needed to increase this, with host Nigel Jones. 

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Safeguarding your NHS contract

Planning for the future – safeguarding your NHS contract

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An important part of managing your dental practice is ensuring you have sufficiently planned for the future. Here, Adam Siwack, of Lockharts Solicitors, talks through the elements of safeguarding your NHS contract in an eventuality which is rarely considered but has catastrophic repercussions on the practice – an untimely passing of the sole contractor.

It seems like a sombre thing to think about, but as a dentist the most valuable asset you’ll own as part of your business will likely be the goodwill of your practice. However, in the event that the sole contractor passes away and the NHS contract is terminated, a proportion of this goodwill will be lost. This makes planning to protect your NHS contract an incredibly important consideration for many dentists. 

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Judith Husband’s views on the current challenges faced by the profession

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Listen as host, Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones and Judith Husband take an in-depth look into the issues which are currently facing the dental profession in this episode of Bodcast.

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Oral health habits - myth buster

Myth busting guide to common oral health habits

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We’ve all got habits, good and bad, and when it comes to our oral health, we’re no different. But, how do you know when these habits are doing more harm than good? Here’s Dental Hygienist, Jo Dickinson’s myth busting guide of some of our more common habits.

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Improving confidence in the future of NHS dentistry

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In this episode of Bodcast, Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones, talks to Eddie Crouch to gain his insight into the factors that are impacting upon the confidence levels of those in the profession. 

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Success through teamwork

How effective teamwork can lead you to success

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When it comes to teamwork, the principles behind pulling together to achieve your goals remain the same, whether in business or in sport. Here, Lewis Moody, retired English rugby union player who was part of the 2003 World Cup winning side, shares his view on the importance of teamwork!

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small changes big impact

How making small changes can have a BIG impact

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Have you seen ‘The Singing Dentist’? If you haven’t, you’re missing a treat – check him out.

The Singing Dentist is Dr Milad Shadrooh, the Principal Dentist at Chequers Dental in Basingstoke. Over the past year or so, he has carved out a niche for himself and boosted his profile by recording dental health related videos of him singing parodies of well-known modern songs, like ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, which he translates into ‘Gappy!’

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