Do you need a rebrand?

5 easy ways to tell if you need to consider rebranding

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How you brand your practice (through your logo, marketing literature and décor) is essential in making the right connection and impression with your target audience. But is your branding truly reflecting the personality and positioning of your practice?

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the ‘red flags’ you need to watch out for if your branding is hindering rather than supporting the success of your business:Read More

No sugar

Sugar-free for February

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We’ve all heard of ‘Stoptober’, ‘Movember’ and ‘Veganuary’ but as far as I’m aware, February has never had its own catchy strapline….until now that is, but which one to choose?

Cancer Research UK are calling it ‘Sugar-free February’ and the British Heart Foundation are asking us to ‘Dechox’ this month, while ‘Fizz-free February’ is being promoted as part of the national Sugar Smart UK campaign.

It might sound a little confusing but although each campaign has it’s own name and focus, they have one BIG thing in common, the idea that for the month of February you should try, one way or another, to reduce your sugar intake.Read More

Employment Law Update

Understanding the law in relation to rest breaks and rotas

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Sarah Buxton shares her advice for ensuring that your staff rota adheres to the law. She explains the importance of clear contracts, how a rota should work in a dental practice and the dangers of the more informal agreements many dental practices have in place.

What you’ll hear:
  • The current law in respect of rest periods and breaks
  • The consequences of not adhering to the law
  • How an employer can protect themselves.

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Crisis ahead

A potential workforce crisis in dentistry

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Nigel Jones discusses the issues surrounding dentist recruitment and retention with Eddie Crouch, Simon Thackeray and Ros Keeton…

Recruitment and retention are two sides of the same troubling coin for the future of dentistry, particularly within the NHS. Anecdotally, there is much discussion about the difficulty of filling roles in practices. When you add this to surveys* that show NHS dentists don’t see themselves in the NHS within the next five years, it feels like a potential crisis. Read More

Lost signals

What’s your signal to noise ratio?

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Imagine, for a moment, that I am a prospective patient in your area looking for a new dental practice.

Of course, I’m a modern consumer, so I’m not an easy catch. I’m looking around a bit – searching online, asking a few friends for referrals and checking out a few websites.

Now imagine that, as I’m doing that, we managed to come face to face.

For a small amount of time, you have my undivided attention, it’s your opportunity to make your pitch to tell me the big messages that you want me to get about your practice – the things that set you apart from the competition and how those things will benefit me.

What would you say to me?Read More

Expert advice from Thomas Coates

Preparing your practice for sale

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It is often said that you should have one eye on your exit from the moment you start up in business. In this podcast, Thomas Coates highlights some areas of best practice to ensure you are in the best position possible when you do come to sell your practice.

What you’ll hear:
  • Details of different business structures and the effect they can have on a sale
  • Issues that can make the process of selling a practice more difficult
  • How to ensure your practice is at its most attractive when it is time to sell.

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Your questions answered

Joe Hendron explains what NHS dentists can expect when the new contract rolls out

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Towards the end of 2018, we were told that NHS England are committed to a phased rollout of the new dental contract from April 2020. This declaration of a date comes after years of testing variations (albeit, some would say these were just mildly tweaked iterations of each other rather than any real differences) of a new contract, which at times felt like it had no real end-date in sight.

Throughout this testing via pilot practices and a prototype programme, while many have been in favour of some aspects – such as the Oral Health Assessment, that many agree is positive – there has also been a lot of commentary from those involved about the target-driven nature of the contract, the cost to practices to achieve these targets and the continued use of UDAs.     

Now a date has been set, I asked Joe Hendron, whose practice was a prototype until 2018 when he pulled out, citing his reasons in an open letter to the then-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt: With the date for contract reform set for April 2020, what can NHS dentists expect after that?Read More

HMRC review on associate employment status

Dental advisers discuss HMRC’s review on associates’ employment status

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Nigel Jones speaks to Alan Suggett and Lee Muter about their views on HMRC’s current tax focus on the employment status of dentists and how any changes to this will affect the sector…

In April 2018 HMRC wrote to associates about a review they were holding into their self-employed status. Since then, there has been much speculation about what this could mean for the future of associates and the wider profession. In late 2018 the BDA said it had become aware that HMRC was writing to more associates and inviting them for interviews in relation to this review.

To seek some further clarity on this ongoing issue I discussed the implications of the review with Alan Suggett, from NASDAL (National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers) and UNW LLP chartered accountants, and Lee Muter, also from UNW…Read More