HR policies – Grievance procedures

HR policies – How to deal with grievances in your dental practice

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Discover Employment and HR Solicitor, Sarah Buxton’s advice on how to deal with grievances in your dental practice in this episode of Bodcast. In it, Sarah is joined by host, Area Sales Manager, Zoe Close, to share her guidance on the best way to investigate a grievance to avoid a subsequent employment tribunal claim.

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Can you read the signs

Tips on how to make the most of your practice signage

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I’ve made a few visits to dental practices in the past few months where I’ve hit a frustrating problem even before stepping through the door.

That’s because, despite the fact that I’ve dutifully followed my SatNav, when I’ve reached the point where the lovely lady says  ‘you have now arrived at your destination’, I’ve been unable to see the practice that I’m visiting – this results in me driving past and having to do a U-turn further down the road and taking another drive past, eyes peeled to try and spot the practice building.

The problem here is poor signage. Or, in some cases, a complete lack of signage.

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How to prepare for a CQC inspection with Pat Langley

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Gain  insight into compliance expert, Pat Langley’s expert tips and advice on how you can prepare your whole team for a CQC inspection in this episode of Bodcast.

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Is NHS dentistry in need of a philosophical shift

How might a new NHS contract make a difference to NHS dentistry?

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In order to achieve a realistic ideal within the future of NHS dentistry, is a fundamental change in the basic concepts and practices of dental care needed? To answer this question, Practice Plan caught up with Judith Husband and Nairn Wilson about the differences a new contract might make to NHS dentistry, as well as what changes dental teams may need to implement to remain successful in the years to come.   

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2017 the year questions finally get answered

Nigel Jones’ reflections on the unanswered questions from 2016

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Within dentistry, 2016 felt to me like the year of the unanswered questions – the most important one arguably being, ‘how long can the profession’s status quo be maintained’? This question, amongst others, needs answering if the profession’s worryingly low levels of morale and insecurity about the future are to be addressed before the end of 2017.

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Marketing your dental practice

How to attract new patients by developing your marketing strategy

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Discover Chris Barrow’s tips and guidance on how you can get more of your existing patients into the appointment book, as well as how you can attract new patients through the door of your dental practice all by focusing upon your marketing strategy in this episode of Bodcast, hosted by Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones.

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Don't let fear stand in your way

Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your business success!

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The prospect of change can feel daunting for many. In a dental practice setting that fear and subsequent avoidance of change can prevent real success and business achievement. With this in mind, Regional Support Manager, Sarah Barnard explains why it’s important not to let fear stand in the way of achieving your goals and how, with the right plan and support in place, practice owners can fulfil their visions.

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8 tips for using Facebook effectively

How to get the most out of Facebook for your business

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Is your practice getting the most out of Facebook? Here, Regional Support Manager, Emma Sillars, shares her Facebook tips to help you to get the most out of your practice marketing.

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Counting the cost of the NHS prototypes

Insight into the fees currently paid out to prototype dentists

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With the NHS prototype practices now a few months into their trials, Practice Plan met up with Eddie Crouch, Charles Major and Paul Worskett to discuss their thoughts on the current fees being paid out to prototype dentists, what they would like to see in the future, and the potential repercussions if fair remuneration is perceived to be absent from any future revised NHS contract.

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